Questions for Carrie & Enoch

Truthseekers: I'm getting word that Enoch Dalby and Carrie Campbell are going to attempt to livestream from the Anomalous Bubble at 1700 UTC on Thursday, 10/24/19. If you've got any questions for either or both of them, post them here and I'll try to pass them along.


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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Carrie, Enoch! I'm glad you two found each other again.

    To Enoch: I know it might be a painful memory, but do you remember where you were killed? We think it was during an event that the NIA set up for the anime, but wr just want confirmation. Do you know which Nemesis members killed you?

    To Carrie: Glad to see you safe! You might remember me as the "paparazzi" from Linz in Germany 😉 It is probably also a painful memory for you, but do you remember being taken over by Nemesis during the Abaddon Prime anomaly? And do you know how Nemesis abducted you before your gruesome ****? And also, same as Enoch, do you know which Nemesis member killed you?

    And for both of you: Is there a way, aside from the Tessellation, to help you? And is there a way we can contact you outside of those short transmission windows via glyphs, for example?

  • Here‘s a question. Why does Nia bother faking Anomaly results like they did in Dresden?

    Accidentially (?) removing an ENL Link portal in the middle of a running anomaly is one thing. Restoring it without the required ornament another. Keys returning to the agents inventory the next day is simply crazy.

    But betraying the paying agents by not counting the longest link correctly is far over the top. While the first explanation was that an unregistered Agent did the linking got dropped for „the link was already down for the measurement“ which is much more stupid as the Linkshänder even survived Mission Day on sunday.

    So what tessellating effect forced NIA here to shape the results like this?

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you can alter the scanner from inside the anomalous bubble, can you turn the Seer medal back on and change the requirements?

  • You are absolutely right. But the official channels don‘t even bother to respond so I decided to go the public route.

  • Who was responsible for the Chicago Abaddon prime media drips? They were critical in our ability to decipher the nemesis runes

  • BGracaBGraca ✭✭✭

    Hello Carrie and Enoch.

    What is the best melody that defines Nemesis?

    And, what is the best glyph sequence that describes NIA?

    Thank you for your time... Enlighten Us! ;)

  • Hello Enoch, we've listened and enjoyed many of your compositions (elegy, duplicity, sirens, e.g.) How about plans for some new remixes?


  • Dear Carrie,

    Stein Lightman once quoted: "As you encounter new players, teach them usage of the glyphs. From the glyphs comes knowledge. From knowledge comes wisdom. From Wisdom comes survival." Do you agree?

  • Carrie and Enoch, I have a question for you both!!

    Because of HALLOWEEN-themed version of Ingress Prime, What are we going to do with Double AP Points, countdown and a new design medal?

    Cause they're COMING for you both!!

    is that Right, @Truthseeker?

  • I want to ask Enoch a question. 

    Where was it transferred at that time?

  • I have a question for Carrie. 

    How did you feel when you discovered the civilization self-destruct code?

    1. Have you (both) see anything about who shard/**** you? shape of the mask or any other possible clues?
    2. Misty Hannah sharding media seems to be drawn by Carrie (has Carrie Style...) did carrie drawn it? or was made by nemesis? Can this suggest that there is someone like carrie inside nemesis?
    3. Carrie, whats your feeling when you was in RPE (i suppose) and share the password to start the mission to recruiting agents for nemesis? Do you understand who was inside you?
    4. Is Wendy (and not ADA) part of the niantic Magnus? We know ADA is the omniscient but we don't know for sure if wendy take the place of misty hannah. Do you know something about that?
    5. You were the first ones in the level8/cern anomaly bubble do you something particular or interesting? How many artefacts are inside this bubble? Do you think that this artefacts are the column that keep this bubble active? What do you know about the interconnection between Prime Objects?
    6. Stuart Lightner: in the Wendy's streaming we saw him inside the bubble. and now we can meet him phisically outside. How this can be possible? If he is collaborating with nemesis is possible that now nemesi know that he can go inside and outside the bubble when he want? Is the discovery of the observetion chamber inside the facility bubble connected to this? (so the observation chamber can be a door?)
    7. Why at the end of some streaming there was an alarm sound? what kind of problem there was? Nemesis attack? Or something different?
    8. When you woke up the osiris stone was already inside the bubble? If not, has i suppose, who put it there? calvin?
    9. WendADA in the NEMESIS "trailer" was very surprised when Enoch use the RPE to go somewhere (another node/universe?). do you know why she was so scared/surprised?
    10. Viktoria said that she dont talk to ADA but only with Omnivore. This means that The first time that ADA reveal herself is during the Wendy Streaming? What Omnivore is doing for niantic Researchers?

  • Which Nemesis members do you believe share your archetypes? Do you see any similarities between yourselves, and your Nemesis counterparts?

  • As more and more the shop is being active, is the removal of late ugly medals can be offered as a paid option in it? Especially the last one that was given except for the one that stopped playing during x faction shard?

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Can you reveal to us what "shard" glyph looks like?

  • Do either of you have any theories or insights into what the Nemesis Glyphs may be capable of? (Assuming they could function in a similar way to Shaper Glyphs). It's troubling to imagine the damage they could cause to non-sensitives as well as those in know about XM and all of this.

  • MadReliqueMadRelique ✭✭✭
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    There is alot of chaos and strife occuring in various nations across the world right now, how has this manifested itself within the messages you both see/hear within glyphs and more importantly has it affected your artistic and musical compositions?

    Enoch, who is your favorite musician? What song is the best song to play during an encore performance?

    Carrie, have you ever drawn any Tycho inspired pieces of art? If so, did you do so by channeling him?

    Carrie, will we ever see the fruits of your Glyphs research from your journal or can we assume that that knowledge was tossed into a box and locked within some secure vault deep within an enlightened compound from which it will never see the light of day?

  • Carrie and Enoch: how are you feeling?

  • Glad to see you back together 💙 how is the dynamic of the group now? And what is going on with Wendy? I wonder what Calvin is not telling us

  • I want to ask Enoch a question. 

    Where was it transferred at that time?

  • CataCatCataCat ✭✭✭

    I know I'm a bit late, but I'll still try:

    Carrie: How are you currently approaching the study of glyphs? I know you are a semiotician so your main focus should be the relation between meaning and form. Do you think glyphs are meant to be a direct way of communication to the brain and would that thus explain the lack of morphosyntactic markers in that communication system?

    Enoch; In what way does XM affect your compositions? Do you feel the music is channelled to you or do you have bursts in which a piece of music "appears" in your head or does it just seem to accelerate your creative process? How is XM enhance music composition different from the normal way you compose music without the XM enhancement?

    Carrie and Enoch: Your counterparts in the 1218 were, for the most part a xfac couple. Carrie being Res and Enoch ENL and later switching factions after our version of the Abaddon anomaly. Do you think your relation is different from that of your counterparts because you belong to the same faction?

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