Portal Edit/Delete Processing During Events

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Back in the day, in the spring/summer shard game in 2015, we had a portal in the UK holding shard #3 (the Thatched Tavern, in Ascot) deleted, unexpectedly. There was, as you'd expect, some drama, the shard got moved manually by NIA a couple of times, but in the end we got to a fair outcome.

Since then, I have always worked on the assumption that "ornamented" anomaly portals are "safe" and won't be arbitrarily removed, or have edits applied, just before or during the anomaly, to avoid any similar issues.

I have heard a troubling rumour that exactly this happened at an Umbra site, with one faction losing a ton of prefarmed linkstar keys as a result.

While it's unlikely it would have changed the final result there, this causes a serious lack of trust in the anomaly result for all concerned...

Would Niantic care to offer any guarantees that, in the future, once a portal gains an anomaly ornament (and assuming it doesn't subsequently make the POC exclusion list), that portal can be somehow "safe" from deletes/edits until after the anomaly?

Even if that is already the case and the rumours are false... Given that the rumours exist, it would be nice to have a clear statement from Niantic 🙂

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