operation WOB reclaim the field



-         Agent1337

-         Batallica

-         Berten59

-         Boskantje

-         D4p5ycho

-         D4rk4n631

-         Fordrax

-         Jobiro05

-         Kuchukabi

-         Kludster

-         Li3sj3

-         lookthereitis

-         Mald3r

-         Sggred

-         SnowXTC

-         Thegame1745

The idea of this small op started during the Antwerp anomaly. But really took off once it became a challenge. Plans were made on Monday to let “the wolves reclaim the field.”

1 challenge, 5 days, one keyfarm, one keytransfer, 1 pair of muddy trousers and 15 agents from multiple regions and one operator went for 8 layers linking Oosterzele, Koewacht and Wieze together for a total of 560k MU.


thanks to the excellent agents in the field and a good precleaning the whole op took less than 20minutes from the first ada being used (23u30) to the last Jarvis (23u40) on a res hp and putting the fields up. Leaving the wolves six minutes to enjoy the scenery and catch some shinies beforce CP

Earning sggred his platinum illuminator badge and d4p5ychO one shiny buneary

After the CP we flipped the portal once more for some stat padding for lookthereitis

Op video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKeNJ8gp-N4&feature=youtu.be



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