Nemesis: Umbra - Results Analysis

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What a fun weekend that was! Personally, I participated in the Decode Challenge, starting with Newcastle, hammering through the miniciphers until the Master Code email came through, then it was all hands on deck to solve this strange crossword where the answers didn't fit! Once we figured that out, we were faced with a passcode with underscores in it? That one threw me a bit but I better not say any more there in case people want to try it out themselves.

The challenge was so addictive I joined in the Dresden decode after dinner where both sides were able to learn from earlier and get through the miniciphers much quicker to unlock the precious gems seating plan Master Code. I had to call it a night after that but I really hope we get to see much more of that in the future!

Anyways, I've dug down in to the data on all the cities to get a breakdown of how they tracked through the day and where the strengths and weaknesses were for each side, check it out below.

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