Umbra refund

Idea with refunding is right, but once again have separated players by two categories. Among participants of anomaly (both on the field and RR) was many of those, who for some reasons didn`t want or couldn`t pay for the medal, but decided to help his faction. It was clear and simple: you paid - got the medal. Not paid - not got. But now Niantic compensating to players their payments and we have such situation: in fact EVERYONE participated for free, contributed to the result also EVERYONE, but only part of them got the medals. If you compensating to one part, you should do it for another part too. Anomaly by "new rules" was prepared bad in every way. It is objective fact, which Niantic confirmed by refunding. And in the end the anomaly turned out to be free, but why did the compensation affect only a part of the players? If you back to the old rules, it will be fair and correct for the other participants to also receive medals.



  • Kevinsky86Kevinsky86 ✭✭✭
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    I'm with @MaliciousWolf on this.

    People that deem it nessicairy can get a refund due to the outages but the badge is still a paid item regardless. Handing everybody a badge after the fact would discredit everybody who paid for it and didn't run to the refund request form the second it became available... it didn't "become free" at any point.

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