H6 Berlin 3rd of November 2018

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Last year, a growing number of Berlin Resistance agents engaged in fulfilling our desire for beautiful homogeneous fields. After we had started practising homogeneous fields, first 4 layered ones, then a 5 layered one, we grew confident that we could also manage to create a 6 layered field.

The planning for the H6 has to be considered a truly unique feature of this operation, since xxxTheSaintxxx (f.k.a. Polytox36) found the suitable area on the map and created the link layout as well as all link plans using only his smartphone. On top of that, the field layout was chosen so that all sides of the triangle were of 2 km length and zero fields should render the H6 a perfect beauty. A special difficulty was also included for agents linking in the east side of the field as there were several portals with very similar names, easily to be confused and requiring careful attention.

Field agents were distributed to areas and equipped with a list for the correct sequence of links to be drawn. We weren't much worried about most of the keys as we knew that they could be easily obtained during the operation. However, especially the keys for the anchor portals and most other keys were farmed collaboratively in the weeks before. Agents had the liberty to act mainly on their own accord, just following the link plans, but with great help from our OP who always kept calm control over the overall situation.

The first attempt on the night from 31.8.2018 to 1.9.2018 was going relatively smoothly, albeit lots of jarvis use, however we were disturbed by a local frog who destroyed the southeast anchor portal just minutes before finishing the transition from assembled H4s to the H6. After distracting the frog, assembling more agents at the anchor portal determined to hold the portal, while others were collecting another set of keys, we tried again to transition the field, **** out all missing links. During the stressful portal battle, desicions were made, and in short, we abandoned our goal to finish the field, went to get beers and pizza instead while planning to repeat the operation properly another time.

Roughly two months later, even more agents had been recruited for a second attempt. All in a good mood and confident, we navigated new obstacles in the form of construction sites that were raised in the meantime, and started building the H6 on the 3rd of november 2018 again. This time we were not disturbed by enlightened players, were able to correct two little mistakes that happened during linking in due time and finally the H6 was completed as planned.

After finishing the homogeneous field that should be composed of a stack of 6 layers, everybody wanted their screenshot of the H6 shown on the intel map but we noticed that the southeast corner was a little darker shade of blue than it should be. What has happened? All the links were created in the correct order! Consulting our OP we quickly found out that we had to deal with ghost fields which were visible after the southeast anchor portal had been flipped, naturally destroying all the links but unfortunately the ghost fields stayed even after the new fields for the transition to the H6 had been created. We considered to rebuild that corner of the triangle, but since it was just a cosmetic error we couln't do anything about and it was not guaranteed that the ghost fields will disappear anytime soon, we decided to leave it that way. Berlin would have time to admire the H6 until the next day.

Evidence of the ghost fields:


396 links, 486 fields, (3 zero fields)

Team A1: wasahrbia; Futuru5; viertelneun; deltaH

Team A2: Lyrinx; Bellevue; Tschinquix

Team A3: Xela123; und3f1n3d; Schneegestöber; KallesWeib

Team B1: soNDorg; bassteck; Andomat

Team B2: NikitaBluejay; JessyJane; gefijon

Team B3: Grayhead; derCarlsen; cjdiesel, sevenowich

Team C1: Ambactus; genmaicha; Tr1ppa; Zorig

Team C2: rosco0815; hawk1500;Vivid2211

Team C3: ChromeGhost; Bohei; Wolfsbann;

Anchor  N: Jadeal ; ran2342

Anchor SW: 1709tom; chewi441

Anchor SO: megamaessig ; xxxTheSaintxxx

Operator: Aiyub

keylists: wactbprot

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