“Something Terrible Has Happened” Error

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Many Wayfarer Reviewers have reported multiple errors while trying to log in. There are different types of errors, such as “This account does not exist” and “Something terrible has happened.”

The “Something terrible has happened” error refers to a “Error 500 (Server Error)” message, meaning that the reviewers themselves can't do anything to solve it.

I've read multiple posts both here and on Reddit of users complaining about the same problem.

When I first contacted NIA, they said their team was already investigating this error and working to “fix it and provide an update shortly.”

I don't know if that was just another copy pasted template, but I the truth is that a week has passed and nothing seems to be solved. I have insisted and they simply ignore my messages, now.


  • I've got the terrible glitch. Been close to 96 hours I guess, since Monday night. Glad to at least know Niantic is working on it.

  • Niantic keeps saying that “after investigation”, they “believe that the issue you are experiencing is temporary and should be resolved by clearing the browser history or by using an Incognito window to access the Wayfarer Tool as we believe there may be other email IDs logged in.”


  • I've not had this 'glitch'.

    I often find when I reopen the browser on my phone, and it had been left on opr, it would look like6it was trying to retrieve data - but an actual forced refresh will then take me to the login screen, I log in, it works.

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    I tried clearing my cache, history and even my cookies, nothing worked. I tried logging in on google with my phone and on my computer, which I hadn't done for a couple months, and still didn't work.

    And just now tried incognito and still didn't work

  • Just thought of something, I'm also lv 40 on Pokemon and can nominate new stops in Canada now. Is anyone else who is having this problem able to nominate on Pokemon? Wondering if this is a glitch because of this, since Pokemon players can't use wayfarer yet, not in Canada at least.

  • Wow… I have just connected my Pokémon GO account to another email and now I have a different problem: I can log in using the new email, but all my OPR Stats are reseted and I can only see my nominations. If I try to hit Review, I'm prompted to take the Test again.

  • Tried relinking my pogo account to another purpose-created email as well and now I'm experienceing such wierdness that I dont even know where to start.

    First, I can't relink to my old email (in pogo), just getting an error saying that it is already in use. That old email cannot be used to login to pogo anymore, all fine there, ish. But it can still be used to login to my ingress account. My ingress account can now be logged into from three diffrent accounts, two google and one facebook.

    Second, My original email (the one that still works with ingress) still get the "something terrible has happened" in wayfarer, and can't be used to access these forums.

    Third, My newly linked google account (as well as the facebook account) can be used to access wayfarer but I had to go through training again (not a big deal), but all my stats are reset. My nominations are a mix of my pogo and ingress nominations.

    And the ingame support is giving me first precanned responses, and asks for screenshots. Thing is that prime does not allow me to upload pictures in the support chat.... I'm broken...

  • I am so glad I'm not alone. I'm facing THE EXACT SAME ISSUES. It's all because of the Pokémon GO account. Niantic has confirmed that. But they didn't do anything apart from confirming that it was a bug while merging the two accounts in their back-end.

  • anyone have an update on this? Been almost 3 weeks since I've been locked out and not getting any more yes/no on my nominations.

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    No updates. I hope this will be solved when Wayfarer becomes available to Pokémon GO Trainers in my region.

  • Been Dealing with the same issues the past 2 weeks. Hope this is fixed soon

  • one person commented on another post maybe by the new year.

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    came home from work tonight and got access to wayfarer and voting, did a test and works perfectly again. The page looks cleaner too, looks like they did some work on improving it since I've been gone.

    Just thinking, it's been about a month since I was locked out, I wonder if I had a 31 day suspension for some reason without being told. It did happen right after a 4 hour cooldown.

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