Bizarre mysterious disapperance of portal

bandar lampung in indonesia the last 2 months experiencing extraordinary strange things.
40 more portals mysteriously lost.
starting from the area of ​​the event and almost to all points of Lampung city.
are there any bad actors who want to damage our portal ?. actually the object is real and permanent. Why did it happen ?
1. Kuliner pkor gate created by posisi69,105.278641&z=15
2. Balinese gate created by DK216,105.272449&z=15
3. Big water tower created by posisi69,105.278715&z=15&pll=-5.37838,105.278715
4. Gajah Dbl Lampung created by basily,105.268813&z=15&pll=-5.420269,105.268813
5. Mural boneka created by furuqon,105.227038&z=15&pll=-5.371971,105.227038
6. Patung dwarapala created by unknown,105.283544&z=15&pll=-5.434509,105.283544
7. Gedung sumpah pemuda created by posisi69,105.278634&z=15&pll=-5.378678,105.278634
8. Monument batik siger,105.278024&z=15&pll=-5.379413,105.278024
9. Tugu radin inten,105.22586&z=15&pll=-5.361618,105.22586
10. Hand of king statue created by posisi69,105.209732&z=15&pll=-4.986891,105.209732

This is for sample. And many other in bandar lampung portal lost.
Is there any some case happened before ? 
We hope niantic immediatelly make an investigation about this situation


  • 40 more portals disapperead? If it was triggered by reporting of fake portal by a hideous agent, that's very unsual . My fellow agent reported several fake portal, not even one got approved. Maybe there's a bug in the server side? Well, maybe Niantic officials can answer this mistery.

  • Oh i am sorry. I am newbie

    I dont know about that. Thanks for reminding me sir

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    No bad actors, but portals can still be removed via the scanner or whenever Niantic seeing it has to.

    Re evaluate again the portals quality, stop bias approval and group agreement as this is against the spirit of the game....and then resubmit.

    All the best!

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    maybe the portals dont follow portal criteria and of bad quality ??

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