Invalid removal : Aire de jeux "**** Marmousets"

  • Category: Invalid Removal
  • Title of the Portal: Aire De Jeux "**** Marmousets"
  • Location: 48.035495, -0.510247
  • City: Saint-Georges-Le-Fléchard
  • Country: France

This portal has been removed several times and then submitted again by the agent who's living there.

We believe that NiaOPS delete the portal because there is a school not far, but the portal is not in the school, and we can't even see inside the school from the portal.

The entrance for the portal is where I drawed some arrows, and the school is in the square.

The portal is the kid playground from the "party room" next to him; it's not a playground from the school.

The portal was accepted for the last time 3 days ago, and deleted today. Some agents are doing a "war" in which they abusively report portals and create fake Google street-views to have the "ennemy" portals deleted... Please prevent the future deletion of this portal if you decide to reinstaure it.

Here are some pictures of the portal and his surroundings.

Thanks for reading me.


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