ROUND 1 Tesserae Update

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Truthseekers: We are currently evaluating the difficulties that some Agents have been having in acquiring certain Tesserae. The NIA tells me we can expect a longer update soon on how they're planning to handle this.

In the meantime, as Discoverer Verification has been delayed, we are adjusting the deadline for Placement Predictions. Placement Predictions will now be due by no later that Saturday, 10/19/19 at 1700 UTC.

I'll post more information as soon as it's available. Thanks for bearing with us, we'll get this sorted!


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  • @Truthseeker , there is something I need to tell you about the future!!

    Ever since I got ALL of my inventory items, including all portal key and ALL 95 items for every Quantum Capsules, including Level 8's XMP BURSTERS, it is too much inventory, especially, that Portal key!!

    And since I got ALL of my portal key, it was the transformation of EPCOT for the very beginning of throughout the years in Orlando, because "Future World" and "World Showcase" was actually divided into 4 new neighborhood area: "World Celebration", "World Discovery", "World Nature" and "World Showcase" and it's all thanks to the Intel Map!!

    And since I saw that portal key on Epcot in Orlando, that must be a new ride, restaurant and attractions, including "Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind", "Space 220 restaurant", "PLAY! Pavilion", "Mary Poppins attractions" as Cherry Lane Park, Permanent festival center as the new park, "Remy's Ratatouille Adventure", "Wondrous China" as a new film, "Canada: Far and Wide" as a new film, "Awesome Planet" as a new film and "Journey of Water"!!

    You see? That's what I saw the Intel Map about the transformation of EPCOT in Orlando, because of the Epcot Experience Center!!

    So, good luck, agents!! Oh! And Happy HALLOWEENGRESS!!!☠️🎃☠️👻

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