Feature Request: Highlight Mission Day Missions

PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭
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I did the Sacramento Mission Day on the weekend, and I've done many mission days before and they all suffer from the same issues.

  1. Missions start with a 0% rating, so existing missions supersede the Mission Day missions because they have been completed and the Mission Day missions have not.
  2. We're starting to have many Mission Days in the same area. Sacramento was a perfect example of this, having had a 2019 Mission Day earlier in the year, so the new set of overlapping missions had to be labelled "Mission Day October 2019" in order to find the right missions. People still made mistakes.
  3. In a number of times, I had to scroll up to 4 pages to find a nearby Mission Day mission because I was at the opposite end, a few hundred meters away.

Feature Request

Promote the current Mission Day's missions. Add a scrollable, 3 mission visible, list at the top of the Missions interface, that appears when a player is within 100kms of a Mission Day during the event (from when the missions are added, until the close of Checkout Registration). This mini list should be sorted purely by distance, not popularity, and contain the 18 or 24 missions for the Mission Day.

This would provide an easy way for people to know which are the appropriate missions for the Mission Day and avoid struggles finding nearby missions because they're "unpopular" due to newness.



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