Areas without enough active OPR reviewers - where to change bonus location?

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Post your places where there isn't enough OPR reviewers, and those who can set your bonus location to that place


  • Tehran/Iran ... we need more people to verify our portal nominations. thank you.

  • Hi

    Africa / Ivory Coast / Abidjan

    - Abidjan

    - AF08-KILO-00

    - 5.361417, -4.008515

    If you can put a like on this post in case you set your bonus location on abidjan I will be great.

  • WebblsWebbls ✭✭


    Because of the Pokestop Nomination Feature it tooks many months until a portal get accepted/rejected.

  • Hello everyone! I do not know if I am in the right section (I think so), I wanted to know if someone could help in my area doing OPR, because there are few players doing OPR and some that do not directly. Thanks and any information where I should post this tell me.

    • Location: El Carmen-Jujuy
    • Country: Argentina.
    • Coordinates: 24°23′15″S 65°15′33″O / -24.3875, -65.25916667


  • I also would like to ask for help. we do not have enough People here to do OPR.

    Thank you very much.

    Location: Reichelsheim

    Country: Germany

    Coordinates: 49°42'49.5"N 8°50'26.5"E

    Thank you :)

  • Hi everyone! I would like you to help me evaluate candidate portals in my city. We only have 4 portals and we don't have enough agents that can evaluate new candidate portals.

    City: Las Toscas

    Province: Santa Fe

    Country: Argentina

    Coordinates: -28.354831,-59.259162


  • Antarctic Peninsula

    Anvers Island, Palmer Station, Antarctica

    (South of Chile)

    Multiple Antarctica Stations nearby also needing OPR reviews

    -64.7736341, -64.0491537

    @RedSoloCup any help possible? Few agents out here on the Antarctica Peninsula that could use help with OPR range. Many stations are visited by tourists via cruise ships, scientists, internet is available.

  • No, i have germany in my opr. I have seen so many submits not following rules it is very sad. Because of these i am thinking about stop doing opr all together.

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