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  • There's definitely something going on, everyone in my local community is reporting that submissions from mid-November to late-December are just stuck and yet anything submitted after that in the same area is being reviewed as normal. I'm experiencing this as well.

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    I'd like to set my bonus area to 'whatever has been stuck due to lack of reviews for the longest time' please.

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    Thank you for taking our concerns seriously. Having submissions from May-August 2019, Upgraded in Oct-Dec 2019 and having them STILL be in voting/in queue is incredibly frustrating. Especially when the only way to get Wayspots Nominations evaluated at all in certain areas is to upgrade it.

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    Thank you for the response. If I had to guess it seems to be as if the nominations are visible for local reviewers but is not being pushed out to a wider audience like other Upgrades. In the other thread I posted an image of another nomination very similar but had already been rejected and resubmitted and approved all while the stuck nomination sat there. Despite being nearly identical 1 mile apart on the same trail.

    I hope some of the nomination screenshots from the other thread help the research process.

  • Thanks your information and a sign that you are still there.

    unfortunately you didnt give us any information about our problems with submissions from last year, that are stuck at "In Queue" and "Upgraded" - they should have been processed a long time ago, it isnt a shame to admit that you dont know what happened there and dont know how to fix that error. i have a hard time understanding that i had to work my little tush off to get those upgrades, and then they go wasted. it is like paying for a menue at your local burger joint, and getting an empty tray.

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    We have an automatic 5 star candidate that has been upgraded since 12/23 (submitted 12/9) meanwhile 3 miles away a normal unupgraded submission comes back in less than a week. Its not a lack of reviewer issue, its a prioritization issue. And its not a 1 off case, roughly 1/3 of all upgrades seem to not get prioritized and take 1-3 months.

  • I would love this too, but even easier just let us change bonus location whenever we want - or even once a week/month. Easy change and then we could all help out on areas without enough reviewers.

  • Lack of reviwes, then return the way it used to be before pogo participation. In my area we used to have 5-7 days non-upgrade nomination becasue we are a lot of reviewers, and now we have to wait weeks. I still have from december "In voting", I have almost 40 pending nominations.

  • I've had an upgrade stuck since November 28th. Other upgrades in our area have been moving through at a somewhat brisk pace, so I'm worried this one might be stuck.

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  • Just throwing in my $0.02 here, I have had a submission "stuck" since December. I submitted it again on the 10th at it was rejected within days (not surprised,, it was a terrible photo I used for the resubmit). Something seems wrong here. Both submissions were upgraded from the moment they were created (I review way more than I submit).

  • just adding in: had two submissions from jan 1st stuck in queue for 40 days until I withdrew them. Wayfarer support reassured me everything was working as intended even though all my other submissions before and after moved to voting in 1-7 days. Additionally I have a current submission accepted but no email and no portal exists. Just confirming both issues exist.

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    Ok, here is a sum up from the problems and bugs I've been experiencing the last few days with nominations:

    • On 19th I sent a nomination, the scanner said the nomination was sent but I never got a confirmation of the submission and it hasn't turned up in Wayfarer either. However, it DID decrease my submissions by one.
    • Yesterday (20th) in the morning I sent a nomination, scanner said all ok and I got the confirmation e-mail and the nomination turned up in Wayfarer as it should. Everything worked as it should.
    • A couple hours later I tried to make a new submission and got an error message in my scanner. The scanner remained in the "last" phase of submitting nominations so I tried clicking the send button again and with my third try, I got an "OK" from my scanner instead of the previous error. However I received THREE confirmation e-mails and the same nomination turned up three times into the Wayfarer. Three submissions were deducted from my total.
    • Yesterday evening I tried to submit yet another portal, got an error, tried again and got another error. I quit the nomination screen, got no confirmation mails, nothing turned up in Wayfarer but two nominations were deducated.
    • Today I tried submitting again, got the same error message and quit immediately. Didn't got a confirmation e-mail BUT the submission turned up in Wayfarer. Also it seems that no nominations have been deducted - OR the previous two nominations from yesterday evening have been restored and this was deducted. Edit: I did got the confirmation e-mail from this "erroneous" submission after a while.

    I'll try to get a screenshot from the error message if it appears again. However I've wasted at least 3-4 submission now due to the fact that despite the error message, the nominations have been deducted from my overall count of nominations.

    I don't know if this information is of any use for @NianticCasey and the Wayfarer team but just wanted to share my detailed experiences from the past three days.

  • i have a number of nominations from October to December that seem to be stuck. -- either in queue or in voting.

    And several from October were re-submissions, -- I had to send a second nomination, since I never got an email confirmation, nor did anything show up in Wayfarer. I did get the pop--up on my phone to say they were successful.

    So today, I finally got an email confirmation nearly 5 months later on one of those original missing submissions. So its sitting in queue now, along with the other submission which is also still in queue from back in October.

    And there is definitely a new glitch for new nominations now -- you submit something, and you get an error message, and are still in the nomination. But about a minute later, you get a confirmation. So you have to be careful and not re-send, because that will wind up being a duplicate nomination.

  • Today I got an email confirmation for a photo suggestion from 26. Oct. 2019. So something seems to happen. I have two nominations from this day as well that were successful ingame, but never showed up in Wayfarer or were confirmed by mail. I'm curious if they will show up, although it's not necessary, because both were re-submitted on 24. Dec. and already accepted.

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