Missing email confirmation of subs



  • DeoreDXDeoreDX ✭✭✭

    I only use an android phone for my submission because of past "stuck submission" issues on my iphone. At least those in the past you could log out of the phone and clear the stuck submissions back and get your submission counts back.

    Anyways Android phone submitted 2 wayspots over the last 12 hours no emails and neither show up in Wayfarer. My sunbmission count went down by the 2. I logged out and didn't get the "You have pending submissions" thing on my phone so they seem to be lost in Niantic's end.

  • Just submitted 2 nominations this morning got the on screen confirmation and drove off and still no email confirmation...its only been 2 hours but still usually get the email immediately...not sure if they were deducted from my count as i am just reaching the 13th day and starting to get my nominations out...will update if i get an email or response from Niantic

  • Yesterday I sent 2 nominatios, one on site because I found a good fountain, and one in home with a picture I took yesterday in the morning, 2 differents types (One with app camera and one with storage) one with wifi and one with 4G Data, I did not get any of them and I lost those submitions because they were already discounted from my quantity available, this used to be a HUGE problem on redacted iOS but you could always keep forcing data until you got the email, now on prime you cannot.

    I am too lazy to send a ticket to support, im tired of talking with niantic bots that always respond the same all over the time with no help at all.

    This should no coincidence with OPR open to pogo in Mexico but i am starting to think so because nominations were good on prime.

  • So by take a while to be credited back, do they mean 14 days? I.e. when they naturally credit back any way?

    Because I submitted several yesterday, zero emails, none on Wayfarer...

  • so i got this back

    Hello Agent,

    Thanks for your report.

    I have reviewed your account and cannot see any recent submission. If you are not receiving confirmation messages for your Portal submissions, then they are not being successfully sent to us. The issue is likely occurring because Auto-sync is not active. Please visit the device settings and make sure that the Auto-sync is active under your account. On iOS, make sure that you are not closing/exiting Ingress immediately after sending Portal submissions.

    Also, please reinstall Ingress Prime app and try resubmitting the candidates while you are connected to a strong network. You may also want to check your email's spam folder to make sure that any submission notifications are not being sent there.

    If you still experience issues feel free to reach out to us.

    not sure if i want to resubmit or not

    do i waste another nomination from work to see if it goes through?

  • KliffingtonKliffington ✭✭✭✭✭

    My submissions were fine until yesterday, no email confirmation for the 3 I did. I got the in game message and that was the last of my submissions so I can't try again. I've never had this problem before.

  • The auto sync thing only applied to redacted, right?

    Because Prime subs do not queue, they connect direct to the server, upload and we get an immediate status back if it doesn't time out....

  • slalomzslalomz ✭✭✭

    I got the same email, even though I’m on iOS which has no auto-sync functions.

    Of my 8 submissions from last Tuesday, I got 1 confirmation email on Tuesday, 4 on Saturday, and 3 are still missing.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    I’ve had Portal nominations wasted back on Redacted. They never did anything except tell me to wait two weeks to get submissions back and try again.

    now it’s happening to me in Prime :/

  • My guess is that more Pokémon players are submitting and there is a server issue relating to that.

  • Ok this defintly has to do with pogo nominations, they re-enabled pogo nominatios on 14th Oct, and this bug started on 15th Oct, so probably a server issue.

    do they even read this forum?

  • SvardodSvardod ✭✭✭

    I submitted 3 nominations yesterday afternoon. Prime gave me the message that they were successfully submitted but no confirmation emails have been received (yes, checked Junk box even though they are ALWAYS in Inbox).

    It has been about 20 hours and the 2nd and 3rd nominations just showed up in Wayfarer. My 1st nomination yesterday is still missing and I still have not received confirmation emails for any of them.

  • Of the four I submitted yesterday, I have received email confirmations in the order submitted for the first 2 about 22 hours later.

    The portal submission date is today and not yesterday within Wayfarer

  • my submissions from yesterday just appeared in Wayfarer. still no emails, but at least i know they made into the system now, which is a big releif since i was 230 miles away from home when i submitted them!

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    I've just had a confirmation email turn up almost exactly 24 hours after I submitted.

  • Some clogg in the system. I got the confirmation mail roughly 20 hour after submiting

  • DaddyVitekDaddyVitek ✭✭
    edited October 2019

    woohoo!! just got an update!

    got my confirmation email +/-8 hours later...maybe the back up is clearing up!

  • does anyone know how to see my pokemon id i don't remember 2 years have passed
    it's Gmail account

  • Still no confirmations and every one seems to have gotten theres back.

  • What is with the mentality of some of you?

    It has nothing to do with PoGo nominations flooding the system. It's been open for a year in the oldest countries, do you really think that people are still actively submitting, and missed that two weeks they couldn't? Hardly anything gets heard back from. Most countries and most players have got 0 feedback since it opened.

    This is again the fault of Niantic and their non-existent QA. Not a single response by them on their forum either. What is this place even for?

  • Did 3 last night that didn't email till lunch today. Did 5 tonight that emailed fast. All eventually showed in Wayfarer.

  • Two of my three submissions from yesterday are now in Wayfarer even though I got no email. My submission from today sent the email almost right away, as did an edit submission and a photo. I never noticed the limit on pending photo submissions before, is that new?

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    Submitted 12 this weekend. After ~48 hours 7/10 have shown up in Wayfarer and I have 2/10 Emails back.

    I hope the remaining 3 get through ;__;

  • I am still waiting on emails, I got some, still waiting on some. all submitted within an hour or two of each other

  • Nobody that I've seen is blaming PoGo players, but people have noticed a correlation between PoGo submissions opening back up and these problems. It is quite plausible that there is a causal relationship. Submissions have been presumably building up and getting a spike would be likely. Then opening it up to Canada probably also generated a spike. Obviously the problem is caused by Niantic, but to unequivocally state that it has nothing to do with PoGo nominations coming back seems a bit extreme.

    My guess is that they switched to the passcode server to handle incoming nominations... :)

    On my end, I submitted three yesterday. One got an email and is in Wayfarer. One did not get an email and is in Wayfarer without the submission photo! I guess I'll have to withdraw it and lose the submission. And one has vanished into the ether.

  • I already made a Reddit post on the subject, but I figured I would add it here. I submitted a portal in a very low density but fast review area (usual 4 or 5 day turn-around) area on 10/18 that was approved on 10/21. I never received any portal submission confirmation email of any type (checking both spam and Promotions) but I received the portal review complete email with the portal key as shown above.

  • update...submitted 3 more this morning and within 20 minutes got my notification email. they are still in que but email confirmation was quicker...

  • slalomzslalomz ✭✭✭

    I'm still missing 3 confirmations after 8 days. Nothing in Wayfarer either. But my submission count was never restored.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    Heard back from support, same as usual, they 'encourage' me to resubmit with a stronger connection.

    Really hate the condescending response about it being a problem on my end when it's clearly an issue with NIA's servers.

    Just discovered another sub of mine went through, but the cover photo didn't, and support told me they couldn't add a photo to it or do anything about it. So frustrating that Niantic makes so much money from PoGO, but won't spring more money for better servers to handle insane PoGO traffic.

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