Missing email confirmation of subs

Today at 11:30 ish I did a submission of a local war memorial , I had full 4g signal . I did the submission and got the final “your submission has been sent “ screen , walked back to my car with the game open and ate my dinner . (About 15 mins with the game open after submission) now it’s 10 pm and I’m still waiting for the confirmation email so I think my submission is stuck somewhere as it’s NOT showing in my wayfarer queue 😩Anyone else missing emails today from new subs ?



  • I did 4 subs for a nearby village today. Only 1 has actually made it into the system for reviewing. Bare in mind these subs were made at least 12 hours ago, and there's only one that I've not got photos for on my phone.

    The game is also counting me as still using up 4 of my nominations, despite only 1 getting into the system.

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    While the emails don't always come through quickly, sometime the nomination email goes to the social/promotion tab in a gmail box. As a result it's sometime easy to miss

  • There has been no new Ingress emails in my google box at all today but had a few from other senders. I havnt had a problem before when it was OPR but this is the first sub where it goes to wayfarer.

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    I submitted 8 portals over the course of 2 hours starting about 10 hours ago.

    I only got the confirmation email for 1/8 of my submissions (the fourth) and the confirmation email was over an hour late. The submission I received the confirmation email for is the only one showing up in Wayfarer.

    My available nomination count remains reduced by 8.

    Really hope these aren't permanently lost as I made a special trip specifically to submit these candidates... driving a total of 55 miles I would not have otherwise driven.

  • I had that and figured my submissions never went through, so I redid a couple of them after 2 months. 2 days later one of those got accepted (not one I had redone). Good news is, if you're level 12+ you can see them on the nomination check list.

    I was also able to verify that all the ones I didn't get an e-mail for have been in the system. One of them is actually still in with both submissions lol.

  • slalomzslalomz ✭✭✭

    I've been checking https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/nominations but it's now been over 12 hours and 7 of my nominations from today are still missing. No email, and not in the list.

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    No email is bad news. On a more general note, I did check my own, and it seems some nomination confirmation gets flagged as "commercial" by Google. Some people may have those notifications turned off.

  • Do u know that nominations doesnt enter at same time in the system?

    Its depends clearly of cells.

    Yesterday i send 3 nominations, 2 squares one of each other. One mail appar instantly, and the another 2, came 2 hours ago. Is for the new system wayfarer i think so

  • This is defiantly an issue.

    All three of my submissions from yesterday (October 15), which went through in app, have not shown up in Wayfarer nor in my email. My submissions from the day before (October 14) showed up in my inbox and Wayfarer immediately.

    The missing submissions are from over 24 hours ago, and they have been subtracted from my available submissions.

  • slalomzslalomz ✭✭✭

    This doesn't seem to be the case here. I've never waited more than a few hours for a confirmation email - with Prime it's usually been more like 1-10 minutes. It's now been over 24 hours and my submission count has been reduced, no emails, nothing in Wayfarer. They're just gone.

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    Same issues here. I’ve lost 4 submissions so far with no email confirmation. After the first 3 I tried logging out (which usually worked to reset things in redacted) but the available count was still reduced. Uninstalled and reinstalled... which surely destroyed the submissions stuck in the game, but still have the reduced submissions available count. Submitted one more this morning and still no confirmation from the fresh install. Afraid to submit any more, lest I lose more.

    Edit: iOS here.... aaaand just got my confirmation from this morning. So, I guess just wait and hope. Perhaps the system is a bit gummed up with the recent changes. Whatever you do, don’t log out and/or reinstall. It doesn’t help like it used to with redacted.

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  • Submitted 6 this afternoon and got mails less than 5 minutes afterwards.

    Using an Android if that matters.

  • Submitted one yesterday which disappeared into the aether... No email confirmation or appearance on Wayfarer. Submission used up.

    Submitted one today and got the email for today’s one in three minutes.

  • So is it an issue still? iOS or Wayfarer?

    Are the submissions gone?

    Can they get anything right?

    I'm on iOS and don't want to waste my time or submissions.

  • slalomzslalomz ✭✭✭

    I'm afraid to submit anything now, because I already wasted most of my nominations.

    My submission slots just seem permanently gone and they haven't shown up on Wayfarer yet after 48 hours.

    It would be nice if this issue could at least be acknowledged.

  • 68 hours after it was confirmed in-app, one of my three missing submissions is in my email and wayfarer.

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    Definitely still an issue.

    Just tried to submit three new wayspots. No emails, and they're not visible in Wayfarer though my available nomination count went down by three.

    iPhone 7, iOS 13.2. Tried both WiFi and Mobile network, and toggling the Power Save Mode from settings between submits. Made no difference whatsoever.

    Edit: Left my phone on home WiFi, with Prime running. Received the confirmation emails after an hour or so.

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  • I had a new submission, so I tried today. Went through within a few minutes. Still 2/3 in limbo though.

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    Used like 8 submissions today and none were confirmed by mail.. for the last one I even tried a different device(iPhone 6s)..

    edit: checked mail & wayfarer, got 3 confirmations mailed and one more appeared in Wayfarer.

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  • Same issue here. Submitted 4 portals and someone else in my area 4 portals too, today. No email and nothing in Wayfarer.

  • This was the Niantic Support reply for the portal sub I made 5 days ago that never received an email confirmation and never appeared on Wayfarer.

  • So I did 6 remote submissions yesterday, woke up this morning to find only 2 emails in my inbox :-( . Guess I’ll go and check wayfarer and 5/6 subs are showing as in queue :-) but still missing 4 emails and 1 sub totally missing 🤷‍♀️

  • I have subbed 5 nominations to Wayfarer this weekend. Had two e-mail confirmations, and 4 are on Wayfarer. One is missing entirely. Niantic support said that they are aware of the issue, and are working on a fix.

    I guess that I will leave any more submissions until after a fix is found? Perhaps I will wait to do more reviewing as well until the system is repaired?

  • And here is the Support reply re: attempting to get my submission slot back that has been lost.

  • I just submitted a bunch today and have yet to receive a single e-mail confirming them, despite my nominations being used. Can't verify on wayfarer either because I'm still locked out for some "terrible" reason. So hoping these will be like the last time I never received the e-mails and they still went through, but I have a feeling that all this **** going on is because they've merged pokemon voting in with Ingress.

  • Same problems in here. Submitted a bunch of nominations and got no e-mails from any of them. Submissions have been deducted from the account though. The standard "submission sent" text came perhaps a bit faster than usual (as it usually take some time to send those images). Many people in Finland has the same kind of issues during weekend. I also consider contacting Niantic to address this issue.

  • Definitely not an ios issue I'm android and haven't had anything back for around 2 days.

    I agree with the user earlier who said we should get our nominations back and not have to wait as it's not showing in wayfarer for me either.

    I've contacted the in game help team and had a generic email sent to me about how to nominate a portal. It would be nice if they actually spent time reading what they are replying to. That's what they are paid to do and its us paying them.

  • same issue here. received submission confirmation in game, my available nominations is reduced, no email, not showing up in Wayfarer.

    Using Android 10 on Pixel 2

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