Missions (and banners) on Prime

On Sunday I went to Perugia for a freshly published banner, that was indeed realized by quite a newbie player. The banner itself was far from perfect, but still really funny to do: I had plenty of gears, mods and the whole day... But Prime is still a nightmare:

* If you allow long titles for Missions, you should display the entire title in the "Select a mission from the list" screen, either wrapping lines as necessary or scrolling it left to right. If you truncate the names, and the submitter did put the mission number at the end of a rather long title, you'll have to enter each mission.. and upon exiting, re-position your list that starts again at the beginning. Just image that in a well mission populated city...

* If you have a scanner that needs to be restarted every 15/20 minutes, things will not run that smoothly

* Power.. In 8 hours of play, under sunlight, with max screen brightness, I fully discharged a 10000mAh power bank

* Data.. 60 missions with fully deploy and some link&field meant 1.5 GByte mobile data consumption

I understand that Missions and Banners are in the lowest priority for NIA, but this really needs to be improved.

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