Nemesis: Their Meaning, Purpose, Message & Archetypes

I know we've all made jokes about Nemesis being font names but there seems to be more to it.

The names first of all appear to be Latin or some other language (would be great if someone who actually knows Latin can pitch in).

Secondly, if you string them together in the order they made they're appearance as challenges or as anomalies, you can form a sentence/message. This part gets interesting. It kinda reads like "The inevitable; many dawns have flourished? but the future is dark? <possible missing text + teach> eternal rest.".

This seems to be a message telling us that the recursion cycle doesn't bring anything good, and that they might be trying to put an end to it or teach us how to put an end to it. Basically free us of Exogenous control.

On to archetypes of the Nemesis Magnus. The names given likely don't have any significance to their archetype but rather are meant to deliver a message. Their archetypes are based on what they could do.

Avenir would be the Alchemist. This is basis the ability to transform into the shard network at will.

Aurora, the Interpreter. Based on the glyph hack challenge.

Myriad, the Explorer because of the sheer amount of exploration required to defeat it.

Umbra, the Trickster since we had to uncover its true face via decoding.

Helvetica, the Humanist for the emphasis on individual human instincts and awareness during the Field Tests.

The Tesselation could be a direct contest with the Spiritualist. This is because the Tesselation is a manifestation of several dimensions and possibilities that do not otherwise coexist. It in essence makes the intangible a reality.

And finally to the Skeptic. It's possible that the Skeptic would be the leaker from within Nemesis. Probably because they don't agree to the means being used to achieve the end. But it is possible that more than one Nemesis member is trying to help us. Any one member alone wouldn't be able to pull off so much.


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