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It seems to me that Ingress is a prime candidate for a PC RTS or board game. (Apologies for the pun). The video feeds and story of Ingress Prime take me right back to the days of Command and Conquer, Dune 2000 and so on...

If Niantic made an RTS or board game, as fans of the game what mechanics would you expect to see?

I'd expect you could run multiple scenarios with MU being the main goal. Your brief: "Agent, we need to take this city. You need to have swayed at least 300,000 minds by checkpoint in 6 hours time. Watch out for ENL/RES agents, Nemesis and real world events."

You could emulate all the existing event styles: anomalies, first saturday, build a link star, longest path, max unique hacks, max unique deploys, most P8 portals, most MU. I'd expect to progress any kind of story, gathering MU would be the main goal of each skirmish. You could recruit and level up specific agents and take them round the world.

So what would you want to see?

(Please no comments about "fix Prime first"). :P

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  • This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but in recent years Niantic has let people play a tabletop RPG based on Ingress at several events.

  • I believe people still are doing something like that now with Essex

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    I came up with a board game some time ago.

  • A indoor board game about a game that requires you to go out. Lol.

    Jokes aside, i'm interested to see how Ingress would translate as a board game.

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    It was a very simplified version, hexagonal squares, random pre-set of variable amountof portals depending of amount of players, each turn all players roll dice to set player order, always alternating ENL/RES, each player has 3 actions to spare in its turn.

    Levels were removed, so all XMP and resonators were the same. Also all XM related stuff was removed, so only simple hacks, shields and such.

    Game was still complex enough to make it hard to link/field, so background was that in a total of 30 turns each team would score X points for maintaining portals, links and fields at the end of each turn. It needed some work it was never ended, but it looked good and fast enough for a rainy evening :)

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