Nomination Penalties for Wayfarer Abuse

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I know this has been addressed in the past, however, with Wayfarer being revealed to be opened to PoGo trainers before the end of the year, I think this needs to be addressed again.

There should be penalties when a player *submits* an extremely poor nomination (IE a lightpole, their pet dog, their house). These and others are things that I have personally stumbled upon myself.  Not to mention all the poor nominations I’ve seen in group chats posted by other agents.


  • Ingress agents (and soon trainers/wizards) put their valuable time and effort into reviewing and essentially creating our virtual world for three different virtual realities now. It is a waste of our time to go through dozens of abysmal candidates that are obviously created by someone who wants a couch Portal/Pokestop/Gym. Most of us don’t mind reviewing ‘iffy’ potential candidates because this is what Wayfarer is about. What I am referring to is obvious one star submissions that are abuse.


  • Niantic can implement the Red, Yellow, Green (RYG) scale much like the one that Wayfarer already has, but for submitters. This RYG scale can be displayed in their ‘Nominations’ tab where it shows how many submissions they have left. Players who continually submit poor candidates can be penalized by losing the amount of submissions they have for their period (IE instead of 13, they get 5).
  • Alternatively we can go the traditional route and have submitters receive a warning and temporary ban on submitting candidates for 30 days but this is too plain of a response.

Why it is more important now:

  • I’m not here to talk down on any particular player base, because I know all player bases do this, however, I will say that *in my experience*, PoGo players have a pokestop fever. The amount of direct messages I receive from people when they find out I play Ingress is on epidemic levels because they all want something within reach of their house, job, school, neighborhoods. I can go on about this but we all know the stories about PoGo players joining Ingress and immediately messaging players with Pokestop requests.
  • Do Ingress agents do this too? Again, *in my experience*, a lot less. I know tons and tons of +L10 agents who show low numbers on their stats when it comes to portal discoveries. They have the ability to discover portals, yet they lack the portal fever that PoGo players seem to have.

Some might say “If it bothers you that much, don’t go on Wayfarer.” Well, ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. It is evident that other agents feel this way as well and letting culprits get away with this won’t fix the issue. I also enjoy helping create the virtual worlds we play in and seeing a town get populated with POI’s brings me joy.

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  • I think penalties for nominations worthy of the abuse flag was more of what I was aiming to say. I know that there can be a difference between a One Star nomination and Wayfarer abuse. I will amend my article to reflect this clearer terminology.

  • As long as reviewers don't follow the guidelines this will be a problem.

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    I just had this rejected for being a generic business and low quality photo. Please tell me why I deserve to be penalized for having too many rejections?

    Krug already confirmed that there is a process for handling people who abuse the nomination system already. So just send in abuse reports when you see things that are truly an abuse of the system. I think most people just take the easy agreement and move on so that doesn't happen very often.

  • I couldn't delete the third photo.

    Let's get to the point, there are already Pokestops evaluator within the OPR, these prints are clear examples, as they appear to be 10cm pokemon paintings on any light pole.

    The first image is a new candidate and the second image shows a similar candidate who has already been approved.

    Opening to Pokemon Go players is going to be chaos because the age range is low even at level 40. 

    I am not saying that agents do not go wrong, but the likelihood of such attitudes in Pokemon trainers is much greater. I think the biggest mistake is that anything could be a pokestop because most Pokemon Go players see no reason to have criteria (I already belonged to the community and realized that) as the Churches makes perfect sense to the history of Ingress and PoGo absolutely it does not.

  • Actually, the pictures above appear be in the median which we weren't supposed to submitting. If they're doing that along the entire **** my guess would be there would be slow driving during community day. That's why there was a huge cluster spawns were nerfed in parking lots.

  • Actually, the pictures above appear be in the median which we weren't supposed to submitting. If they're doing that along the entire street my guess would be there would be slow driving during community day. That's why there was a huge cluster spawns were nerfed in parking lots.

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    There needs to be a 1* response that says:

    Knowingly abused submission system

    This nomination is clearly an attempt to game the system and generate POI's in a location where it is not warranted or using a subject that is not worthy of a POI, or shows a distinct lack of willingness to understand the nominations criteria.

    Without that, "Does not meet criteria" doesn't really cut it.

    And this isn't a PoGo thing. This has been going on forever.

  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

    @cmonineedaname There actually isn't a flag for abuse.

    • Abuse - Use for nominations where the text or photo is used to abuse, ridicule, target, or **** specific people or groups.
    • Explicit Content - Use for nominations where the text or photo has explicit content.
    • Offensive - Use for nominations where the text or photo is offensive.
    • Personal Info - Use for nominations where the text or photo includes player codenames or real names.

    None of these are for abuse of the nominations system itself.

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    No there isn't. All the abuse flags are for different categories of abusing players or offensive content. None for abusing the nominations system.

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    Krug did say to use "abuse" though even if there is one that isn't specifically for that

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    This wasn't actually confirmed to be a blanket change. I know several parking lots packed with spawns. They just adjusted it again tonight they changed it to historical player activity and removed the cell data for spawn points.

  • Bumping this thread because I'm getting bombarded with my local POGO community members' requests. I have one day off per week and I can't always use it to go to the other side of town to submit stuff in areas where either I feel unsafe, or in areas where you basically have to be a six figure salaryman to fit in.

  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    That sounds so stressful, why are you taking so many request like that?

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