Feature Request: Improve MD Reminder Email

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1. Add a picture of a sample mission icon so people know what missions to do; this is especially important in cities that have hosted previous mission days or for people who have not attended a Mission Day before. Mention that these will be new missions created for this event.

2. Link to the main MD info page; just linking to the telegram group is not helpful for people who do not have or want telegram, do not feel comfortable with joining xfac chats, or just need a quick reminder of basic facts.

3. Include the street address of the checkout location and not just a map link. Ingress does not always play nice with other apps.

4. Include street address and map link for photo. Many people skip this, please make it as easy as possible for people to attend.


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    And note that we were told the new missions would have a white overlay but in fact they have the same black overlay as the previous set with only a slight title change to distinguish them. I predict chaos and many frustrated and annoyed agents:.

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    (After being made aware of the error Niantic staff did correct the missions with the appropriate image icons. At least a few people still confused the sets, though.)

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    Even more useful:.

    Give a list of all the missions with a link (Intel and map) to the starting portal of each, as well as a link to the map.

    Suggested text:

    To get credit for attending Mission Day you must complete at least 6 of the following new missions, and then check out in person by 4 pm with a volunteer at

    Name of location

    Address of location

    Map link to location

    Map of all missions: Map Link

    1. Mission Icon, Mission Name, Mission length, Map link to start portal, Intel link to start portal

    2. Mission Icon, Mission Name, Map link, mission length, Intel link

    3. Etc.

    This is especially important for mission days following anomalies which are often attended by inexperienced missioners. (For example the ABQ mission day had a lovely mission that highlighted historic restaurants along Rt. 66, but it wasn't so lovely for people who were just doing the next closest MD mission on foot and didn't realize this one was several km long.)

    Intel link is less important, but some people pick the next mission to do by not just location but faction ownership...

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