Game is dying (or dead)

tengN69tengN69 ✭✭
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for some, it may ended when it was announced redacted would be gone by sept 30

others, on oct 1

for now, I feel like theyre doing it on purpose lol

of all the delays they had redacted turned off on time?

a bug on links? but let's not fix that. lets put vibrations instead.

push notifications gone? why not stop the alerts as well?

OPR complains from pokemonhub, let's have them take over, better yet let them have the credit on the wafer login page.

since it's all better for pogo, manageable complaints and larger gains. and better part u can wander the world while just at home.

edit: Niantic low-key killing the one that started it all


  • Man, y’r salty.

  • ZennZenn ✭✭✭✭
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    The wayfarer login page cycles through different background images each day... If you check the code...currently there are a few Pokemon ones, one Harry Potter one, two or three enlightened ones, and two resistance ones.

  • So? With the size of our player base, we’re lucky to get any airtime at all.

  • Indeed it does cycle through images. It took me a while to realize that this thing was a portal superimposed on a sculpture and not some weird xm object or other lore item that's part of the portal itself...

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