No Embedded Reporters on Umbra Anomaly

RuinDigRuinDig ✭✭✭
edited October 2019 in Anomalies

Andrew Krug @RedSoloCup, Ingress global community manager commented for Umbra Anomaly Embedded Reporters(ER) related to Niantic member's Anomaly participation at Ingress Updates [ENG] discussion group. I saved that comment as screenshot and translated into Japanese. Read my this blog article:

@RedSoloCup So Andrew, why didn't Niantic make official announcement of Embedded Repoters on this Forum and other social media before two or three weeks ago? And why didn't you make public comment on Forum and other social media as first of all? You or Niantic members or @NianticOfficial must make public comment FIRST OF ALL. Make first comment at closed disscussion is not fair for ALL INGRESS AGENTS.


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