Please do not under any circumstances bring up power cubes when I asked to fire an XMP

As we know, there are some occasions when Ingress Prime decides by itself that it can't fire a burster. This is usually because "too many attacks pending", which seems to happen a lot in low-signal situations (and of course by "low signal" I mean only two bars of 4G). Occasionally the reason for being unable to fire a burster is low XM.

So you see a portal that's the wrong colour, swipe the action button upwards (incidentally causing the map to turn upside-down), and press fire a few times. Then you realise... those aren't bursters you're firing. Boom, you just wasted 3 power cubes.

There's no reason for the power cubes to even be on this menu now that there's an easy access '+' sign at the top left. But even if they are, they should absolutely not come up as the default action when I was trying to fire a burster.



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