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In the area where i play, agents had problems switching to prime due to the performance in highly portal dense areas, where the fps would drop to 4 even having decent phone, for example mine (ARM cortex-A55 1.6 GHz 3Gb RAM, its not ideal but not bad) would perform ok in places with 10 portals around, but when i go to play at a local plaza, highly dense, the performance drops to the point that becomes annoying, frustrating and unplayable, i even play the other two niantic products smoothly on the same places. So having an option to reduce some unnecesary-to-the-gameplay graphic components would be ok, don't get me wrong i would like to play having all the effects on, but until some performance improvements are made with prime i'd like to resind of those graphic effects.

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    I find that performance depends on the number of links and fields. We have a regular visitor who always puts up lots of dense microfields, and when I go to town after that, Ingress runs like treacle until I've blown some of them up. It's amazing how much the performance improves once the fog has gone.

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