[Bug Report] - Still cannot review Portals in Wayfarer (gmail vs. googlemail issue)

For over half a year now I can't access OPR nor Ingress Prime - which now means I can't play Ingress anymore since Redacted retired - and much to my disapointment I can't access the new Wayfarer either.

Since my original Email connected with Ingress was an @googlemail adress, they asigned me a new Level 1 account on Prime (and this forum btw), which keeps me from being able to do anything with my proper old Level 12 account and support can't resolve the issue in theire database with @gmail vs. @googlemail...

It just makes me sad, and I wanted to report that nothing changed for me for people in similar situations.



  • If you authenticate using your Google account, it doesn't matter whether you use ...@gmail.com or ...@googlemail.com when you login. I can use either whenever I'm asked to log in to any service with my Google account.

    It sounds like you created an account with email which wasn't linked to your Google account and this hasn't been retroactively linked to your existing account. Logging in with email is no longer supported.

  • All you can do is contact Niantic support. An email with your original username might be helpful to show you own the account - something like an attack report or a mission submission confirmation, where your agent name and email address are both clearly visible, like this:

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