(OPR)-Stats lost and had to retake the OPR/Wayfarer test

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Some background history;

My ingress account was created using my workplace email domain, as I was "only going to test the game anyway". Once the option to add and remove email adresses from Ingress accounts once Prime was first launched, I jumped on the opportunity and had some issues which Niantic helped resolve.

After the emails was changed, my OPR account was still associated with my old workplace domain and I could not login to OPR using the new email on my Ingress account.

Now to the issue at hand.

After the change from OPR to Wayfarer, I noticed it's no longer possible to login using my old email adress (Yay, finally). But as I login to Wayfarer, I noticed that I have to retake the test, as well as my stats all being set to 0

I can see my nomination history for this email adress, but my old pre-prime submissions are not visible

Agentname: FireFight001

My old email used the domain @quinyx.com (I've witheld the full for security reasons, but if you need the full email I can add it)

I've retaken the test and passed it, but I would like my old stats and rating back is possible

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  • Exactly same thing here.

    And some local agents are complaining it too. Come on Nia stop doing this.

  • I can't even access it, because of the old @googlemail bug. (For over 8 months now I can't review Portals or play on Ingress Prime.)

  • Same problem here, except no email change in my history. Glad to hear I’m not alone... hopefully they’ll be able to get this sorted out soon. I did notice my in-game agreement stats have continued to increase despite having all zeros still and no upgrade progress on Wayfarer.

  • Good, atleast I know I'm not alone in this!

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    Already answered in another thread but this one appears to be more detailed: I am also affected.

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  • I have the same situation

  • I've been waiting 10 months for them to fix this known issue.

  • So I contacted support last week and haven't heard anything back since then. The "funny" thing is that emails for accepted portals submitted via my old email-address via Redacted are still being sent to that address despite Wayfarer and Prime telling me that this account is not in use. The accepted portal was updated in Wayfarer's submission history when logging in using my new email-address. So the old address is still somehow assigned to my account and I would love to see PoGo, HPWU and Ingress connected to the same address.

    @NianticBrian Is there anything you, or another Niantic employee, could say about this? Maybe just an acknowledgement that this problem has been registered by NIA? This automatic account linking between Niantic's games really screws things up for some players...

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    Sorry for the double post but I have to share interesting information: My PoGo and HPWU accounts are still linked to my old (and main) email account. Wayfarer just went live for PoGo in Germany and guess what? I am able to login with my old email-address again, I don't need to retake the test again PLUS all my stats are still there! This is so very confusing. I can not view all my submitted POIs via both, old and new, email-addresses - just via my new address. This means that I can't upgrade any of my submissions because they're assigned to my new email account while my OPR stats are tied to my old email address.

    Edit: added some additional information.

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  • *push*

    The problem still exists and I haven't heard anything back from Ingress support since I created a ticket two weeks ago. I would really like to review again.

    It would be very nice if a Niantic employee could say something about this. There has to be a way to fix wrong automatic account linkings.

  • Familiar nick, we are playing in the same region!

    Seems that you are experiencing pretty much the same issue as I do but on a diffrent timeline. Described it in the post "something terrible has happened". What kind of issues did nia support help you with initially, anything similar as I describe in that other post?

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    @iamzoo Fun seeing another familiar name here! :)

    I tried changing my Ingress email account from my workdomain @quinyx.com to my Hotmail adress soon after the function to change email adresses was released in Prime.

    What happened was that I could unlink my Google Apps account from Ingress, but wasn't able to link my Hotmail account as nothing happened when I tried linking the new email. I could still login using the old email and my FB-account even after unlinking the old email.

    I made a post reporting the issue in the old subreddit for the early Prime feedback and Niantic support assisted me in changing the emails.

    Today: I can not login to Intel with my new email or my FB-account, only my old email works for Intel. I can only login to Wayfareer using my new email and my FB-account, but not using my old email. I can login to Prime using my new email or my FB-account

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    Did not think about Intel, tried now and can only login with the old email. That makes a 100% match with your Today issues, with the addition that I can login to prime with my old email as well. Have you tried that?

    Edit: This gives me hope that we are so many affected that it will be fixed in the no so distant future.

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    @iamzoo I just read through your comment in the other thread and your problem appears to be similar to mine. This is my version of the story:

    • Started playing PoGo in 2016 using my PTC account
    • Started playing Ingress in 2018 in order to reach level 12 and to participate in OPR, still using the old scanner with my initial gmail account
    • In late 2018 I reached Level 10 and submitted portals suggestions and accessed the Intel map via my initial gmail account
    • In early 2019 I reached Level 12 in Ingress and passed the test in OPR and started reviewing using my initial gmail account
    • When Prime was released I was still able to use my initial gmail account
    • Portal submissions for PoGo went live so I wanted to link my Pogo account to my initial gmail account. I kept getting an error message that the account was already in use despite never having used it for PoGo before. I contacted PoGo support. I was told to login to that account, link it to FB and unlink it from my initial gmail account and then to link my PoGo account to the now unused gmail account.
    • I wanted to try this but the attemp to login via the "already used" gmail account failed and I received an error message that there was no PoGo account associated to this account. So I hit the Button to create a new account and was able to setup a second PoGo account (which I do not want to have). As the user name I picket the support ticket's number. I linked it to FB, unlinked it from my gmail account and then linked my initial PoGo account to mail gmail adress. I contacted PoGo support in order ro let them know that I want to see the second account deleted. Reply was they can't, I shall use the appropiate contact form.
    • ....little did I know that the second PoGo account now synced with my Prime account. At this time I preferred using Scanner Redacted so a few days passed before I mentioned the problem.

    The new status was:

    • PoGo: PTC and initial gmail account
    • Scanner Redacted, OPR and Intel: initial gmail account
    • Second PoGo account and Prime: FB

    Now I was able to access PoGo via PTC and my initial gmail account. Also OPR, Intel and Scanner Redacted were still accessible using my initial gmail account. Prime was now only accessible via FB and returned an error message (already in use...) when trying to access the account with my initial gmail account. Trying to link Prime with my initial gmail account now gave me the same message that I knew from PoGo before (already in use).

    • I contacted Ingress support but they weren't able to help.
    • I created a second gmail account since I didn't want Prime to be linked to my FB account. Inwas able to link Prime to my second gmail account and unlink FB. This, again, was synced ro the second PoGo account.
    • I contacted PoGo and Ingress support again in order to unlink the second PoGo account from my Prime account. I was told they couldn't.
    • When Wayfarer went live here everything became worse. I wasn't able to use my initial gmail address for logging in anymore. But I was able to login unsing my secondary gmail account linked ro Prime. I was able to see all of my submissions (those from my old and new gmail accounts! Also those submitted via Redacted AFTER changing Prime to my secondary gmail account) but my Stats were reset to zero and I was asked to retake the test. A few days later Wayfarer went live for Level 40 PoGo players in our region. I recieved an email notification and I tried again to login using my initial gmail account. Guess what? Access granted. All my stats are still there and I am also able to review without having to retake the test... but all my submissions are still linked to my secondary gmail account.

    New status:

    • PoGo main: PTC, initial gmail account
    • PoGo trash: secondary gmail acvount
    • Redacted: retired...
    • Prime: secondary gmail account
    • Intel: initial gmail account (secondary returns an error message
    • Wayfarer initial gmail account: Stats and possibility to review. Submissions not listed (empty list).
    • Wayfarer secondary gmail account: no stats, and having to retake the test. All my submissions are listed here.
    • Ingress forums: secondary gmail account

    As you can see: This is messed up and due to the automatic account sync there's no way to fix the problem by ourselves.

    Sorry for the bad formatting, I am on mobile and the reply box jumps around like crazy...

    Edit: Ah yeah, something interesting I should add: Despite Prime being linked to my secondary gmail account the ingame stats still show the reviewing stats (agreements) from OPR/Wayfarer accessible via my initial gmail account.

  • Well, thank you very very very much for the detailed explanation. I am going through the exact same problem but Wayfarer hasn't been launched for Level 40 Pokémon GO Trainers in my region. I didn't quite understand if when Wayfarer was launched for Pokémon GO your problems were automatically solved. Were they?

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    PoGo is assigned to my initial gmail address, Prime to my secondary. I logged in to OPR via my initial gmail address. When OPR was shut down and Wayfarer went live I was no longer able to login using my initial gmail address. I now had to use my secondary gmail address which is also connected to Prime. Problem here: I have to retake the test and all my stats are gone. BUT all my submissions are listed under this account. Then Wayfarer went live here for PoGo players at level 40 (which I also happen to be)... and my PoGo account is linked to my initial gmail account. This enabled me to login to Wayfarer using my initial gmail account. My stats are shown here and I am able to participate in reviewing (no test required, since I passed it here months ago. BUT none of my submissions are listed here. Any upgrades I would get here are unusable because all my submissions are listed under my secondary gmail account. Pretty annoying... this appears to be a database error on Niantic's side and support won't answer or fix this 'til today (for me the problem exists since June 2019).

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    Three weeks have passed since me contacting support and yet I have to receive an answer.

    I also did some reviews on Wayfarer using my initial gmail account in order to see if an upgrade would affect my submissions listed under my secondary gmail account (ALL my submissions are listed here, also those submitted via my initial gmail account). Short and simple (and as expected): Nope.

    It would be really nice if a Niantic employee could acknowledge this topic so that affected players know that Niantic is aware.

  • Niantic insteand of auto sync stuff shouldve let players do that

    Example, creating a niantic account, which will let you log in into wayfarer and will give you info about the three games they have, ofc you wont be able to do anything else just check around, where to get support, insta link to the app homepages and forums if have, etc usual normal stuff companies do

    then a place where you put your accounts and link them via email send to that, you can have 1 of each game, 1 for ingress, 1 for pogo and 1 for hp

    After that the system will check in which status are your linked accounts and if are eligible for review, so then this place open up for you, and can start taking the test and review as well check your submission if your account can send submissions

    etc all that kind of stuff, ofc is easier said that done and could be better, but it couldve been done better too

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    I have to say I am a little bit terrified now after reading this thread on reddit about Niantic support's attempt to separate two automatically linked accounts:

    @Josmanu After reading your reply I now, more than ever, really think that there should be a platform where one can link their accuonts MANUALLY. I read about so many problems with the automatic linking process... but this reddit post made me really feel uncomfortable about our situation...

  • More weeks have passed, and still no resolution on this issue..

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    Another week has passed without an update. There has also been no answer to @GoncaloCdM 's posts on reddit and here in the community forums.

    @NianticBrian Not sure if you are the right person to ask, but would you please be so kind to let us know if something is being done about this and, if yes, when we can expect a fix?

  • Another 10 days have passed without a reply by Niantic. Within the last 10 days I remembered a possbile workaround about which I already contacted Niantic support but they couldn't tell me if it would work. So I wondered if anybody here can?

    Given you have automerged Ingress and Pokémon Go accounts using the same gmail-account for logging in: Does anybody here know what will happen if you contact Niantic to delete the Pokémon Go account? Will this also delete the Ingress account? Or will this "unlock" the Ingress account from the Pokémon Go account so that I will be able to reassign it to the intended gmail account?

    Also regarding Wayfarer, right now my submissions and my stats have been separated from each other (review stats on gmail A, submissions on gmail B). I am not confident that the workaround would be successful at merging those two.

    I really would love to finally see this resolved...

  • Another week later and after the Intel downtime and problems Niantic seems to have updated the associated accounts for Intel - I can no longer login with my initial gmail account.

    Status old: login via initial gmail account (secondary returns an error message)

    Status new: login via secondary gmail account (now trying to login using my initial gmail account returns me to the login page)

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    Another month has passed without a response on this topic and Wayfarer is still separated for many players, including myself. Reviewing is much less rewarding if we are unable to assign upgrades. It would be really nice if we could finally get some kind of acknowledgement of this problem and if somebody is actually working on resolving it.

    @GoncaloCdM I saw your most recent reply on reddit the other day and this really lowered my hopes that the problem might get fixed anytime soon... I hope you'll get some kind of compensation!

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  • Well, I'm guessing that nothing will ever be done about this..

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