Could we get a way to lock map in 2D

I'm not sure if there's any reason for a full 3D map in Ingress Prime. Maybe someone on here uses it. Maybe there are plans to incorporate new features into 3D view (I hope not)

I'd like to be able to zoom in and out without going into some sort of street view.



  • hi,

    there is no "2D view". When you are in the scanner, then you are in a 3D view. Zoom out, then the angle is nearly vertical, zoom in, then the angle progressively reduces to something like 40°, a bit like the aerial view in BING Maps or Google Maps..

    as far as I understand things, this behaviour is consistent across the current version of the three Niantic games (Ingress, PokemonGo, Harry Potter Wizards Unite) and it is one key point highlighted by the Ingress dev team while building Prime.

    Believe it or not, this view is what convinced a colleague to start Prime. He laughed of the graphics of Redacted, but instantly installed Prime when he saw the aerial view with a field near us.

    I can only advise you to zoom but not too much, in order to not be bothered too much by the "helicopter view".

  • I dont believe it.

    Your statements in favor of the current "3D" seem a little too knowledgable about the developers goals, and a lot too uninformed about how to actually play ingress.

    Your colleague may have laughed at the Scanner Redacted graphics, but I have a friend who saw Scanner Redacted on its last week, and thought they were cool. I had to tell her that she wouldn't be able to download it. I also met a man last july who wanted to download scanner Redacted. I haven't met any of these supposed people who like prime so much.

    See if your colleague still plays prime. If he is a real person.

    Your story sounds a lot like the developer party line. Unlikely enthusiasm. But also, it highlights another aspect of the developers: they value any opinion which could earn one new download over a dozen current players.... regardless of how long anyone plays.

    Upon shuttering Scanner Redacted for good it had a rating of 4.3 from 4k reviews. Even pokemon Go has a rating of only 4.2. Wizards unite is rated 3.9. Prime currently is rated 3.1

    That 3.1 rating is based on all ratings any version of Ingress ever received. 393268 users put in their vote, and out of five stars, it got 3.1

    Gameplay in prime is voted 3.0. Graphics is 2.9. Controls are 2.8. Out of five stars.

    In school, that would barely count as a C-.

    Suffice it to say that the controls, graphics, and game play are significantly low-rated than even the game, and out of four niantic games, Prime is the lowest ranked, while Scanner Redacted was the highest ranked.


    Pogo, and HPWU do have the same zoom feature, and zip dont like it there either, but in prime, the zoom behavior is a big problem.

    In prime, you zoom in so you can spot nearby portals... because someone decided these tiny washed out specks are in some way better than the clearly recognized portals in Redacted...

    In prime, zooming in to spot portals puts you in a 3d forward-facing world which is completely fictional. Nothing is as flat as prime. More importantly though, if you were moving at all while zooming in, the nearby portals you were looking for are now behind you, and therefore off the screen. It would be much better if the 40 degree angle of view could be retained while zooming in, as it was in Redacted, which was the most highly rated of all niantic games, despite having badly outdated and "laughable" graphics.

    I'm offering this advice to help. Clearly redacted had certain desirable qualities which prime lacks, and a map that doesnt change angle when you zoom in was one of those qualities for me.

    Thanks for suggesting that I keep the map zoomed out, but I literally HAVE TO zoom in and out to play the game at all.

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