Idea that would cut down on trespassing incidents and add a new layer of strategy

A few days ago I was looking at a portal in the middle of a gated buisness when it occurred to me... Ingress needs a ranged weapon. And considering all the options I came to the conclusion that the best fit for Ingress would be something that acted like an artillery shell or mortar. Strong yet slightly inaccurate to counterbalance its use.

Heres my pitch:

The weapon would be used like a jarvis/ADA but rather than be limited to a portal in your action zone you can launch it at any portal within your clickable view on the map. The weapon aims for the center, however "drift" is introduced into its trajectory based on the distance. Damage radius of its point of impact is the same as a lv8 xmp. Multiple shots require a short cooldown so you cant spam it.

With an item like this players wont need to tresspass or spoof their location to get "that portal just out of range."

It would also lead to a new job class for ops and anomalies; artillery divisions.



  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm against this idea.

    But supposing there were such a thing... you shouldn't just be able to click on a portal to take it down. You should have to aim and launch the projectile (say, with a catapult as in Angry Birds) and hope it lands in the right place.

  • "Not getting even remotely close" would result in wasted shots that miss, so you'd still have to get in reasonable distance. An OP item would do the game no good. I want something that adds a new approach in tactics, but with caveats to not make it game breaking.

  • Hmm.. a minigame element would work. But it need raw numbers too for the mathheads that want to get all technical.

  • with L8 XMPs you already have an ~100m radius of damage. yes, the damage may be small, but it's proportional to radius from you.

    artillery may use some kind of special weapon like UltraStrikes. it must be range-capped, and it should have some kind of minigame for aiming, so it is not that easy.

    however - i'm generally against remote action through anything besides keys.

    maybe the action radius should be enlarged to some 50meters? (some 150 feet instead of whatever there is now) ?

  • That would be fun.

  • If this were in the game, I'd propose that a Grenade-8 act like a x5-6 xmp. It can't **** mods, only Reso, and can only attack stuff in sight of the scanner.

    If attacking things within 40m it should be fairly accurate, e.g. you can hit the resonators on the far side of a portal for cleanup.

    Throwing stuff 100m should miss completely 50% of the time at level 8.

    Lower level grenades still do decent damage, but their lobbing range is smaller, so they'd actually be a decent weapon for level 1-4. So you didn't need to be exactly on a Reso.

    Instead of holding the fire button, you would instead pull it back like a slingshot.

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

    There is no requirement that all portals be accessible to all players. Figuring out how to get legal access to hard portals is a big part of field planning.

    It's also tough to know where to draw the line. Amusement parks? Paid tours twice a month? Seasonal access? Historic markers in fenced office complexes?

  • @CarpOfDoom It appears we are in the minority here. I want to throw out there the question how do we voice our ideas to Niantic in a productive way?

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2020

    I disagree with the idea and honestly don't even know why so much discussion in this thread. L8 XMP range is already big enough (200 something meters). To cut down threspassing incidents (for a location-based game), you would need to cut down people stupidity.

    By the way, this "ranged weapon" would REMOVE a layer of strategy based on hard to reach portals, not add something.

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