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    E8 - Collest Artifacts - not found too

  • @Truthseeker on the tessellation board the PRIME tessera link is shifted to the wrong position (05 instead of 04)

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    The Prime tessera appears to be located at G04 to me

  • Thanks all for keeping track of progress and looking out for errors! It is certainly very helpful. I've notified NIA to work with Januslaboratorium to fix these.

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    Another thing @Truthseeker, on the devra's streaming tessera is written that she was the first that succesfully communicate from the bubble, that is correct... but also on the lightman streaming tessera is written that he is the first to succesfully communicate from the bubble. In a first time i thought that lightman was the first but that fragments arrived to us after devra's streaming.... but now i think that the two descriptions are contradictory... what do you think?

  • Devra Bogandovich's livestream was the first successful attempt to send a transmission from the Anomalous Bubble to Osiris Earth. Devra reported that they had been unable to rouse Osiris - Misty Hannah from stasis. She further voiced the popular opinion that Nemesis was an enemy Magnus. As for their own Magnus, Devra said that their Omniscient, ADA, was nowhere to be found. As of this moment, no one inside the Bubble knew why Wendy was there in ADA's place.

    Stein Lightman is the first Niantic Project Researcher to successfully communicate with Earth from inside the Anomalous Bubble. He comments on a mysterious, hexagonal media object that appeared in the XM Scanner. Who or what is the source of these hexagonal pieces, and what are their purpose?

  • What would the best place for getting in touch and discussing these topic be for each faction? Thanks.

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    @Miketrevis It is an interesting point or possibly error you've brought up. The Devra Transmission I think is the first "live" transmission. The Lightman on hexagonal media may have appeared in the scanner late, but actually sent from an earlier time because he talks directly about what happened after Myriad. This is just my theory of The Tethered Hand's logic. Let's see if they will make any alterations to the extended intel to clarify this.

  • Hehe, sorry, guys

    I hacked two media items this weekend. First item was calvinXsm or something, I watched his video and he said something about not putting my scanner where my money is, the rest I didn't understand at all, except for the psychotic part, so I called the psychiatric hospital. Sorry, but I have recycled that item!

    The second item I hacked was called asmallwager or something. I hacked that one with a changed avatar... I recycled that one too... And now I'm back at my old avatar, because I seem to have thrown away a big opportunity! OMG! Sorry, I didn't understand one bit of this tessellation game!

    Sorry for disappointing!


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    Hey William! Thank you for sharing with us (:

    Luckily, the 2 media/Tessera you mentioned, were global drops. This means they could be hacked all over the world!

    In the future, you may look at the different posts made by PAC in this subforum, and post your screenshot to the correct thread with your faction mentioned. Don't stress too much about it, usually the announcement is only minutes before they appear in our scanner, and that's rarely enough time for most agents to run to a portal, hack, screenshot and post, before someone else

    I hope you have a good day!

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