Unable to logging into account

Dear Niantic,

I´m now over a week unable to access to my account and your support is not responding to my request.

How it happend?

I recently changed my @googlemail account to a @gmail account. After this, Prime keeps logging me into my older redacted account, which was created accidentally years ago and I forgot about it. But now, I am not longer able to play Ingress on my main account, which I used the whole time.

I wrote to your support, but they keep saying to me, that they "escalated my request to team for further investigation" and they will give me "an update shortly" - but nada, I`m not even getting that update and I think about 10 days is enough to give me at least this.

Anyone else here had this kind of bug and knows a fix for it? Or maybe what else I could do to get my account back working?

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