About Dark XM badge...

It's been over a month, but I still wanna talk about Dark XM event and its badges.


"I speculated that the base for medal will be the right one, but with tiers it will have a little bit different colors and, most importantly, different link stars. Bronze being the faintest, and gold being what's on the picture or even brighter. I though if the medal would look like it was on the event picture, it will be the coolest event medal ever. I linked 10x more than needed for gold badge. But instead we got...this. I'm disappointed."

-----Reddit User 1valdis

"This is probably one of the only moments I hate myself for not procrastinating long enough. Is there an opt-out option ?"-----Reddit User EIIendigWichtje

sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ingress/comments/biwyjc/i_expect_the_color_might_make_the_badge_looks_not/


Disappointment and exhaustion is the only thing left me, after capturing extra 300+ portals outside of my active area.

The rule is vague, progress cannot be seen in real-time OFFICIALLY. Furthermore, the rewarded medal turned out to be nothing like the one in OFFICIAL poster.

Ironic, isn't?

Can we return that gold medal ?

Or, is there any possibility that cooler medal in poster can be achieved in the future?

I do hope this new community will show us more Official details. And pls do not let us down.😐️



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