Винтажная Качель portal removal

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Category: Invalid Portal Report (portal was removed)

Title of the Portal: Винтажная Качель

Location: intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=55.662921,37.749335&z=17&pll=55.662921,37.749335

City: 109341 Moscow

Country: Russia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: -

Photos to support your claim: lh3.googleusercontent.com/criCU7p5BVQ9PMU6oHUxsOmw70GioB2zhvsAxKNAkwYGVtCaO3d6G8JXYF552Feo4iW0ydYBxB3lG6f6uW_Gfa1X-jXO


Object Винтажная Качель (Vintage Swing) is presents in reality, It is have good pedestrian access and violate no Ingress Portals Rules. There was no reasons for deletion.

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  • I see no reason in deleting an existing cultural object.

  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence submitted, we’ve decided to restore the Portal in question.

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