Show nearby portals on a map, not as pop-ups

Device: Pixel 2

OS: Android 10

App Version: 2.33.1

The persistent display of three portals "near" me when no other portals are visible is currently not being done in a manner that I find helpful or useful.

The pop-ups can obscure the action circle and the cursor.

The pop-ups can really stretch the notion of "nearby."

The deeper issue is that I simply do not care for this information 90%, 95%, 99% of the time. More often than not, I am not a meandering adventure. There will be portals along my way, or there will not be portals along the way. This is life. This is fine.

And what if I am on a meandering adventure? Chances are, I have consulted the intel map beforehand to help plot my path. So, again, the pop-ups are not helpful.

But suppose, now, that I am on a meandering adventure and that I forgot to consult the intel map. Aha! Where are some nearby portals? Let me pull up a map with markers to a few nearby portals… if only such a feature existed.

The current pop-ups don't fill this niche. I can't plan a travel path based on a rough direction and distance. For all I know, that portal 2km away from me is on the other side of a river, and I'll have to walk for 2 days to get to the nearest crossing. Bah.

"But, you're using 2.33.1!" says a pixie in my ear. "Tap into the portal, copy the portal coordinates, and put those coordinates on a map!" I swat the pixie away, pointing out that doing that a few times over is clunky.

"Use the intel!" says another pixie. I swat that one away, too, pointing out that loading the "all portals" level of the intel map is both clunky and time consuming over "large" geographic areas.


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