Epic castle banner in Germany: Wasserburgen-Route

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There is a new mission series "Wasserburgen Route" (watercastle route) in Germany.

Hopefully some agents will use it for their next ingress adventure. Other agents might be inspired to create more conceptional banners.

Ingress Mosaic link: https://ingressmosaik.com/mosaic/49513

About the banner

The idea was born in May 2019 when Rainer (agent @Perkins45 , Instagram ) and I ( Agent Nelkon's Instagram) discussed cool places and routes in our region in a telegram chat. We both longed for a long time to visit the historical places along the official water castle route in the Rhineland area of Germany. It features 33 unique castles and let you dive deep into the medieval era. Wouldn't it be great to document such an epic journey in your ingress profile?

But will anyone ever be so crazy to do a banner with 380km in lenght? No way!

So we reduced it to 24 castles and now it's only a trip of 260km (or 199km by plane, drone or lame gps spoofing). Since this is still a great distance we didn't make a big banner picture from a single castle that only looks nice in your agent profile when you do all of them in the right order and in one take.

We went to make it mission day style with a common design element in the pictures. It's a graphical quotation of the original logo with an ingress style twist.

So if you only want to do 6 missions it will still look pretty in your agent profile. Anyone who checks it out will immediately see that this adventurous agent visited some really awesome places.

A cool idea for route planning but a bad idea for the workload of our mission creation project. We couldn't use free pictures from Wikimedia Commons because Ingress doesn't allow us to give credit for the photographers in the right way of the creative commons license.

But after all we both love to take photos of our trips and we had to do on-site checks of accessibility anyway. Perkins45 did a tremendous job at his initial design of mission layouts - only a few adjustments had to be done afterwards.. So we went the hard way and took 22 pictures by ourselves. One additional picture was submitted by fellow agent @Gargish and another one by a colleague of mine from Stolberg.

After all it took 5 months to get everything in place, having the mission checked, taking and choosing the pictures and to write mission descriptions that help to solve the passphrases. The opposite of a lot of quick-and-dirty the usual banners out there.

Now it's done and we are very happy to be able to provide a high quality banner to ingress adventures or fans of the medieval architecture and history.

One big question remains:

Will there be more than 3 agents out there who are crazy enough to make this trip?

Will you be one of them?


  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭

    Is there a lot of going up and down hills or is the area mostly flat?

  • NelkonNelkon ✭✭✭

    They‘re mostly on even ground. Water castles are typically located in valleys where the natural flow of the water and rain could fill the moat or the sourrounding pond.

    Only Stolberg is located at a hillside. But you can drive up to a parking lot just near the castle since it‘s an event location for weddings. From there the mission can be done in less than 3 minutes. There are a lot of XM artefacts in a small area.

  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭

    It looks great. 😀

    I am thinking about doing the tour some time next year (fully by bike) when the temperatures are higher again. What would really help is an overview which of the missions have limited opening times and what those opening times are.

  • NelkonNelkon ✭✭✭

    @NineBerry : Opening times are really important. There are two locations which don't allow 24/7 access (mission 19 & 24). We added this information to the blog article about this banner:


    Additionally some places have events over the year. Sometimes you have to buy an entry ticket, but mostly they offer free access and just sell medievalish drinks and food for decent prices. These venues are highlighted in the blogpost.

    It is very cool that you want to do the tour by bike. This is how the original route was meant to be made. This is even represented in the original logo of the route:

    You'll find special information and maps for bikers at the official homepage of the route: : https://www.die-wasserburgen-route.de .

    I'm looking forward to hear about your journey. I'm pondering about to buy or to lease an E-bike. When I have this extra boost and some additional training before I might to the trip by bike as well.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    This deserves not just a great sitreps, but a category of its own in the forum.

    Thanks for the backstory!

  • NelkonNelkon ✭✭✭

    I've added a "preview videos" section to the blogpost for the banner. 6 little video clips of about 30 seconds each will you a better understanding why we fell in love with these places.

    Here is one of them, introducing the places for missions no. 18-20 & 23:

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