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Dear Nia, here is an offer for you, which you should not refuse. Could you please make the Scanner [Redacted] paid? I am seriously ready to install it for money, because I can’t play your Prime (blood comes from my eyes).

Please, please, pretty please.



  • potayto, potahto, old tech, new tech, shut up and take my money, its a win win.

  • Thank you for your professional opinion, I know some friends with the same problems - maybe we have something in the air. However, this thing is not about that.

  • okay.. let's guesssstimate - :

    1) how many ppl are there, willing to pay for "old client"

    2) how much and how often

    3) profit margin for NIA on bying said framework from well known large company

    4) what's left over (claimable revenue?)

    could there be a ... let's say 100k players, who want redacted, and are ready to pay for it?? i doubt it. but more than 10k ? - probably.

    i'm not everybody, but i could bear something in line of 10$us/mo. after all - it;s less than my mobile charges.

    that could make some 100k turnaround for this thing only. per month. does not sound that great for me, and that, probably, is also the math that NIA uses.

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭✭

    could there be a ... let's say 100k players, who want redacted

    There aren't even 100k active players.

  • It is gone, forever, get use to playing Prime.

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    I did a rough back of the envelope calculation about what it would cost to recreate and maintain Redacted in Unity (maintain feature parity and keep up with any new features) and a rough calculation of what proportion of the active player base I think would be prepared to pay to use it. The figure I came up with is $75 per user. Per month.

    Edit for clarity.

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  • Does that also include the resources needed to keep it within feature-parity of Prime?

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes, that's maintenance. Estimate of costs came from a professional app developer.

  • Was this including all players, or the smaller number you figured would want to switch to Redacted? I ask because I’ve preferred using Prime since it’s launch (and I’m also trying to help you illustrate your point.)

  • Niantic can't bring it back. Pay Microsoft to bring back RoboVM. I'm sure Microsoft will be on the edge of their seats waiting to sign contracts after hearing $100k is on the line.

  • Prime still needs a lot of work to be playable.

    Blood comes from my eyes, fists, and vocal chords when I try to play Prime.

    How many people still play redacted? Zero. How many people play prime? Maybe a third of the people who used to play ingress. Prime sucks because it was too much all at once. New graphics? We could get used to that. New controls? We could get used to that. Both together? Now we have to re-learn our favorite game from scratch, and it isn't good. The design of Ingress developed over seven years, slowly, with careful consideration. Prime did not. It is ugly, and clunky, and maybe I can touch it with a ten foot pole in seven more years, but not the way you folks are talking.

    I know the minute I mention scanner graphics, someone will claim graphics cannot be translated, because Unity, and You're not a programmer. Fine. So how did Pokemon Go bring over 300 images from a gameboy platform, and use those on a Unity platform last April 1?

    Graphics in prime need work, because in sunlight, it's pretty much all invisible. Even with screen brightness set to "warning, your phone could melt", I cannot see the portals. I cannot see the XM. I cannot see dropped items I cannot see my XM meter. I can barely **** roads. If they can't take the graphics, they can at least borrow the images. If they cant borrow the images, they can at least pick a palette that doesnt rely so heavily on dark gray, dark purple, and dark red.

    Controls in prime: I'm still hearing a lot of complaints about sub menus. Not saying we can pull controls straight from redacted, but it seems there's a lot of variation in controls between HPWU, POGO, and prime. Changes could be made. Changes could be made to something more like Redacted.

    But of course, if I say it should look, or feel, or smell anything like Redacted, then I'm somehow a traitor to ingress... because its PRIME from now on. Well, I think prime stinks, and it should smell more like Redacted.

  • More like $7,500. There absolutely aren't that many people willing to pay.

  • Would it cost that much to pick a different color pallette?

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