Change of submitted location of a portal in order to get "too close" response

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I submitted for the 3rd time a specific portal because I got 2 times in a row the response that it's too close to an existing portal. However I was very careful at my proposed location so I suspect it is moved on purpose by certain agents. The portal material is a big square so there are a lot of possible locations for the submission. This has been happening quite frequently the last month with more of my submissions but after 3-4 times I have them accepted (since the location isn't changed) but this is not a normal situation. If there is a high quality portal it's easier for them to move it near an existing one instead of rejecting it. I find this behavior abusing and the Operation Portal Recon should be used to benefit the game not the mere desires of some agents.

Location of the submitted portal: 38.256728, 21.743591

This is how Google Maps show this square:

Also, this is how the nearby portals look like:

And the emails I got from my last two approved (regarding the portal material) and at the same time rejected (because of the location change) nominations.

I would be glad to hear any helpful suggestion.



  • Looking at the area on Intel, it looks like the marker location is right on the 20 metre border of Παρεκκλήσι Αγιας Σοφίας. It’s hard to tell exactly due to limitations in Google Map zoom ability, but I think it could have potentially been too close even without reviewers moving anything.

  • The portal is there now, congratulations!

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