[Bug] Glyph hack gets stuck on command channel

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First time I noticed this bug was last spring. Thought it might have been fixed before Redacted got retired, but apparently not.

Glyph hacking gets stuck on command channel after a command has been entered. Let's say "complex" or "no key". I sometimes have to enter these commands more than 10 times before hacking actually progresses to the glyph. Sometimes no amount of entering command symbols helps, and I just have to skip the glyph hacking completely. This is extremely frustrating.

version: Ingress 2.33.1-8a221209

hardware: iPhone 8 256GB

OS: iOS 13.1.2

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  • I am also having the same trouble. It is usually a 50/50 success rate but yesterday I couldn't get glyph hacking to work at all

    Version: Ingress 2.33.1-8a221209

    Hardware: iPhone 8

    OS: iOS 12.4.1

  • I'm on Android so I don't have this bug, but some folks around here are having huge problems on IOS with this, having to restart Prime after just a few glyphs to be able to glyph again. This is with 2.35.

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    This absolutely infuriating bug still persists with Ingress Prime 2.36.1, also tested on iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 13.2.3.

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    Yes!! This appears to finally have been fixed in 2.37.3. Tested on iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 pro. Well done 😀

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