HELP? Attended MD+ on Aug 25th, STILL no badge tick.

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Myself and others attended a MD+ on August 25th in Bloomington IN. We completed the requirements yet, no one has received their MD ticks & some are still missing the NL1331 ticks.

I spent real money to attend the event & expect to get what I bargained for in a timely manner. It is now 43 days later.

The attendees just want what we were supposed to get and put this to rest.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  • I’ve also not received my MD tick for that event, which puts me in good company with all of our local agents who attended.

    My main contention is that my son, a newer player who is just starting to love Ingress, doesn’t even have his NL badge yet. This is Niantic’s opportunity to either make a young man very happy with his awesome new badge he earned, or continue to disappoint him and teach him that this is how he can expect to be treated when we travel to Ingress events. Part of Ingress is walking around in the heat, cold, rain, in unfamiliar cities and in the middle of nowhere. These are things that can be especially difficult for him, yet he makes the effort anyway in order to Ingress with his dad. I wonder how much longer he’ll make that effort when the reward he expected is now almost forgotten over six weeks later.

  • Those of us who attended the Nashville event on August 24th have also not received badges. I think we'd all appreciate a response.

  • Same story here carpooled 2 hours with a group of 4 agents, we did all get the NL badge but nothing for MD. This was the first MD for 3 of us and we had a great time, but that being said I can't say as I will go out of my way to attend another if this is how things are going to be.

  • The problem is much broader. This is current info from UniUni that traveled over from Japan and attended them all:

    Day  Place       MD     NL

    8/17 Houston     Pushed Pushed

    8/18 Mobile      Pushed Pushed

    8/22 Birmingham  -      NotYet

    8/24 Nashville   NotYet NotYet

    8/25 Bloomington NotYet Pushed

    9/21 LaJolla   NotYet NotYet

    9/22 Solvang   NotYet NotYet

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