Finding the MU density of a field using the intel map - shared spreadsheet

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Cross post from ingress / This is a copy of the first part of an article I just posted on my blog

I'm not aware of any simple tool to calculate easily the MU density from a field. I was therefore forced to streamline my own work and make it more efficient when I looked into multiple fields (see Operation 47debb3).

In case you aren't interested to recreate the wheel yourself - here is the link to a google spreadsheet that allows you simple calculations of MU density. You will have to make a copy of the sheet to use it.

How does it work?

Step 1: draw a field in the intel map and copy the link

Do ensure you clear all other fields first - a simple mistake. You can draw the three links clockwise or anticlockwise. The sheet will extract coordinate 1 of link 1 and coordinate 3/4 of link 2. So do not have portal 1 in link 1 and 2 or it will be just a line that you calculate.

Step 2: Paste the link into column A of the spreadsheet

Step 3: Add MU in column C of the spreadsheet

All other values should fill in automatically. Column B is optional.

There are currently 26 fields in that sheet and a few empty lines. Either overwrite these or add at the bottom. If you need more - just copy&paste a single row to with formulas to add additional rows at the bottom.

For more details about the formulas used, calculate MU for a field etc. see the blog post.

And yes - once you have densities you can reverse the process (there is a second sheet) and calculate MU for a new field. Off course how accurate your density is depends on similarity of fields you used to determine the density. We are working on that :)

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