Why we are forced to see all photos of portal by default and spend CPU+battery and mobile traffic

A3exA3ex ✭✭
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We can not understand why all pictures of portal are seeing when we open portal from key in Ingress Prime.

There are portals, which have a lot o photos and we are forced to spend our time, CPU+battery and mobile traffic for unnecessary by default things.

In general we do not need to see all photos - we need to see main only.

Can this option be redesigned?


  • TobbyhushTobbyhush ✭✭
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    I assume Prime adds to the cache all the pictures, so it downloads them one time only and only checks the current picture ID and if the one cache is the right one it should display. I may be wrong though.

    Ingress 1.0 always did that as far as I know

  • A3exA3ex ✭✭
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    @Tobbyhush Cache does not cancel spending of CPU+battery to render unnecessary photos and time to when they will be shown.

    What is the main reason to show all photos by default? I can not understand it. Might only to increase interest to like photos, because when you play to ingress - all photos on screen only interfere and delay.

    I suppose that the good idea to have button "press to open all photos" instead of seeing of them every time when you charging portals, for example.

  • If you access the cached pictures you'll see they rarely exceed 200kb, almost no resources are wasted. In Ingress Prime, with all the animations, transparencies, GPS that can only work on High Accuracy mode... I think, out of all that, the pictures shouldn't concern you at all.

  • As far as data goes, the first few weeks your data consumption is going to be increased, after that, and as long as you don't flush the app cache, the usage will be minimal.

    On the CPU/Battery side, we can't know for sure how much battery it does waste, but I'm pretty sure it's far less than the 'pulse' of the Scanner every 6-10 seconds, making XM brighter and all that, or the almost real-time animations of what other players are doing around you.

    What this game needs is a function to revert back to something closer or exact copy of Ingress 1.0. No useless animations, no blurs, nothing. Just the bare minimum for the game to offer good playability without draining resources.

    I agree that prime wastes them a lot, I was just pointing out that the issue might not be the pictures animations at all, since that is not CPU demanding COMPARED to other animations or how Ingress uses other resources like GPS that can't get a lock while in Battery Saving mode, even when you're sitting on a bench or inside a building and you could use the A-GPS only instead.

  • pugmasterpugmaster ✭✭✭

    The ghost images showing over the portals don't add anything to game play, and use up cpu, battery, and data. They can be removed without any loss in my opinion. Thx.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's a location game that is actively using your GPS. That alone keeps your CPU active.

  • DSkatauriDSkatauri ✭✭✭✭

    As for me i'd like to have a settings option to disable photo auto-upload both in portal view,"ghosts" and comm activity,i think it actually will reduce battery and traffic consumption.Portal photos can be hidden under 'kinda spoiler,for example and load only when they're needed,like banners in Agent profile.

  • sthensthen ✭✭

    But "The first few weeks" is really "the first few weeks while you're in a particular area". Go to a new city, especially one with lots of portals, perhaps in a country where your mobile provider doesn't have a good roaming agreement, you really want minimal data use.

  • TheismanTheisman ✭✭✭✭✭

    I quite like all the flashy effects and such and havent experienced any CPU, Battery Drain or excess data issues.

    However I do think that they should at least give the option to switch ones off that dont effect game play I.e. if attack animations were removed then people who attack without them on would be able to do so quicker than those without it. But for "non gameplay" issues like the ghost image over a portal, downloading all pictures etc, would be good to see an option to toggle that on or off

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