Electric Quest by Mercedes and how other companies handle server problems/big troubles at events

I hope this is the correct place for this story 😉 (and sorry for the German speaking screenshots)

In September, Mercedes made a "Field Test like event" in Zürich, Switzerland. They created an AR Game called "Electric Quest" , where you could win a Mercedes Benz EQC for one year and many other prices. Sponsor was Red Bull.

That's what it should look like:

You had 15mins to register - some failed due to server problems.

For many it worked, but with huge delays and problems signing in.

So the game started - but problems continued, from time to time login wasn't possible, no actions could be done.

Mercedes informed us via SMS. The game was then resetted and started again.

Again, about an hour later, the 5000+ participants were informed, that Electric Quest has to be cancelled. But: Bar is open - for free for like 2 to 3 hours. Their Sponsor Red Bull - will take the costs for this.

Here all the messages about the actual state and what is/will be done to keep the "agents" informed all the time...

So, OPEN BAR - we went to have a look: and were quite astonished, they really had a location with a nice After Party! For Free!

Statement on the Electric Quest Website:

"Electric Quest.

Die Verlosung der Preise unter den 5'000 Electric Quest Teilnehmern wurde mittels notariell beglaubigter Ziehung durchgeführt, nachdem das Mixed-Reality Game letzten Freitag aufgrund von technischen Problemen abgebrochen werden musste. Die genaue Ursache, die zum Abbruch von Electric Quest führte, konnte bisher nicht ausfindig gemacht werden. Die Software-Entwickler und deren Server-Provider arbeiten weiterhin mit Hochdruck an der Analyse des Problems. Insbesondere wurde der Game-Start in den letzten Tagen nochmals intensiv getestet und mit Real-Daten vom Freitag simuliert. Es gab dabei keinerlei Anzeichen auf potentielle Überlastungen oder Probleme. Ein Fremdeinwirken kann deshalb bisher nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Sobald wir die Ursache eruieren konnten, werden wir einerseits weiter kommunizieren und andererseits über eine allfällige Wiederholung oder viel mehr Durchführung zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt informieren."

So I wonder: why isn't Niantic able to do similar Events - as the amount of users is quite similar - and we buy ingame characters, ingame badges, and so on...

Field Test was a test, but First Saturday Events were not. The upcoming Anomaly series isn't a test. Agents already bought tickets, booked flights and hotels.

So please, have a look on how to handle your Community/Customers Niantic!

Copy to @RedSoloCup, @Nerdmeetsyou and other officials


  • Communication seemed to be far better than what Niantic shown so far. Maybe they can earn from it.

  • I like how Mercedes has handled the communication and fully agree, that (even though Niantic has improved communication to its ingress player base in the last few month) there is still much room for further improvement.

    But regarding this "free drinks for all" afterparty you are comparing apples with pears. On the one side a huge car manufacturer who did this event for marketing reasons, on the other hand a software company which needs to make money out the game.

  • LooL GG Mercedes

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