Feature request: Please limit unnecessary motion in scanner

The map or elements of the scanner will shift or rotate when taking an action and it  can get confusing:

A) Upon loading/unloading a capsule, the capsules will appear to shift, even if they don’t; or will actually shift to several capsules away, and I have to then scroll back to find the capsule I was just working with. When the item number changes on a capsule, that’s enough visual information I need to let me know that my action was successful. 

B) Upon clicking on a portal to view/deploy resos or mods, the orientation will rotate, as well as the map will zoom in. The zooming-in motion of the map suffices to let me know that I’m now able to view portal slot details—it doesn’t need to also rotate. This is unnecessary and hinders my ability to consistently place on the north or south slot while capping groups of portals. If the map must rotate when a portal is clicked, have a compass in the portal view or mark the northernmost reso slot, as it was in the redacted scanner.


  • Portalview turns 360° by zooming in, so you keep the view the same way you have on the map.

  • Portal view rotates, but not at 360. It rotates some clockwise or counterclockwise. Why rotate at all? I can tell the difference between when I’m in portal view or not in portal view. It doesn’t need to rotate when I go into it.

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