Automatic 'skip to next slot' after deploying resonators

This is a nice feature in itself, allowing us to deploy several resonators by just pressing 'Deploy', saving us the trouble to select a slot each time.

It is a hindrance however when you want to strategically deploy resonators out of order, like R8 and R7 on opposite sides of each other. Often I am faster than the fairly long 'slot-deploy-animation' (can this be shortened?) in tapping the opposite slot from the last deploy. Then while my thumb moves to the deploy button, the automatic skip slides the selector over to the next slot, resulting in a resonator placed in a slot I didn't want it in.

Tapping a different slot should cancel the automatic skip, and perhaps even the whole animation.


  • I too find this extremely annoying. Prime is constantly changing the slot I selected and placing/upgrading the wrong resonator. Once the user has picked a slot, the app should not override it!

  • chemicalcruxchemicalcrux ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    Mods have a similar issue, where tapping on a slot after deploying (but before the deploy finishes) winds up causing you to re-select the slot you just deployed into!

  • 100% agreed - this is a good idea impaired by its implementation. Manual slot selection should preempt the autoselection, both the one that happens when the deploy screen renders (which can be after you've already selected the reso slot you want) and the one that runs after you deploy a reso (which alters the reso selection you made after hitting deploy).

    I would add: reso selection is usually pretty good for casual/hasty upgrades, but it could be smarter - if it's picked an R7 to upgrade over a portal with multiple otherwise-equivalent R6s, say, it should prefer the most-damaged R6, not the clockwise-closest one.

  • I've been trying to upgrage 87665544 portals with 2 extra R7. But I want to replace all the 665544 with 776655 to avoid having to recharge.

    Even after carefully selecting one of the r6, the first upgrade seems to be one of the r6.

  • In terms of next portal, it would be extremely nice if I could designate the deployment pattern. I would never lay it out 87665544 unless I didn't care. I usually use 84764655 or 84765654 and occasionally 84756564, highest to lowest doesn't make sense.

  • Not only that but the client auto selection should match the server auto selection instead of resonators jumping into another slot.

  • It is great to have it move to another slot (if I have not selected one) after deploying.

    It is unexpected and annoying to have the slot change after I have selected one for my next resonator.

    I am guessing the "move to the next resonator slot" function is called too late, or doesn't turn off when a slot has been manually selected.

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