The money value of Ingress...


... Let me ask you a question as an outsider, I can understand very well that you also have to earn money with Ingress. 

I have absolutely no problem with that.

1. but you already earn money with Ingress, how will the delivery of the data Ingress to Pokemon Go and Wizards United be calculated internally? That is value moderately not little turnover what internally Ingress must be turned internally. In every company it's the way the subsidiaries do business with each other, they also have to be invoiced.

2. processing the database, you provide a server and software (OPR). The further performance behind it will be processed by your community, to which you now express as a thank you even more costs to continue playing.

Isn't it possible to adjust the monetary value of data with Pokemon Go and Wizzard United accordingly?

Or as a further suggestion, which the OPR (starting from Gold) provides discounts in the store. e.g. OPR Gold 10%, Platin 25% and Onix 40% for all offers of the scanner valid in the profile.

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  • I ve paid my £10 when I bought a pack of frackers and key lockers a few years back. I won't be paying for anything else. There is nothing in the store worth buying. Those attack and builder bundles are a joke and easily hackable in about 15 mins.

    The pogo store on the other hand is good but it's easy to gain coins through gyms. I have over 7500 from getting them through gyms. Never paid a real penny and never will.

  • Step 1: give pogo players submissions

    Step 2: give pogo players OPR

    Step 3: **** ingress since you just removed everything that uniquely gave it any value to the company

    Step 4: profit

  • Step 5. Hire more lawyers.

    Step 6. Spend lots of money fighting poi related court cases.

    Step 6. Hire more staff to moderate opr.

    Step 7. Hire more lawyers to try to protect your existing contracts with Warner Brothers and The Pokémon Company.

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    If my intuition is correct, they probably want to get out of their Warner Brothers contract rather than stay in it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the current cash grab in Ingress and the expected one in Pokemon Go (as yet unannounced $8 'ticket' seen in PoGo shop network traffic) are not the result of Niantic having signed up to crippling monthly minimum payments to Warners for the HP licence.

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    Are you literally saying if ingress dont have access to OPR it would die? anybody who thinks like you is wrong from the start

    The game should be the reason you want to play ingress not opr access (like some players did for then quit the game)

    The value of ingress should be ingress not opr, opr is just something you want to work for free in your freetime if you want to or feel to

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    I choose number 3. That serve those people who spent sleepless night upping their personal badges, but calling me a hardcore agent.

  • The big assumption here is that the other two games are earning a large enough profit to cover ingress, reported WU revenue seems to be around 1/40th of Pogo atm, which I'd say is vastly lower than they expect.

  • You say that like they already don't have OPR auditors from the last PoGo lawsuit. More of those would be cheaper than all the staff and servers for Ingress.

  • Don't get me wrong. I love this game. I said that being the only source of portal network maintenance is the only value ingress has to niantic if it's not making money. So you can't justify ingress with its value to other games if those games can maintain the database.

    I'm a night owl so I like Ingress a lot more since PoGo is kinda dead after raids stop

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    There are lots of things Ingress players want to or even asking about being able to pay for.

    And those things won't affect gameplay at all.

    Speaking about Pokemon Go, people pay for in-game wear and for inventory size extension.

    Just add separate inventories for keys and other items and charge for their size increase. Or add skins\personal logos\etc.

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    If they had calculated your database to be a "reasonable" course internally, Ingress would also be worth his money. 

    Or currently also still regularly earn money, through OPR.

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