Invalid Portal Report: Psychic Siddhartha

Category: Invalid Portal Report

Title of the Portal: Psychic Siddhartha


City: Reseda

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: First of all, the portal is not located where the statue is. This can be clearly seen in Intel map (screenshot attached) and on Street View. Second, the statue is actually located on a lot of land which is a private residential property, as can be seen on Intel map (Google shows lot lines) and also on (screenshot attached). According to Zillow, it's a single family home -,-CA,-91335_rb/19918129_zpid/. Please remove the portal.


  • xWhoabotxWhoabot ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019

    Regarding portal vs POI location, it's not so far that it would matter much, in my opinion.

    As for portal validity, that's a tough one. Although the lot may be zoned as residential, on street view, it sure looks like the building is being used a "psychic" business. Whether or not you consider a "psychic" a legitimate business, I suppose would be irrelevant.

    That said, I would posit that the ""business"" owner also lives in the building, as it wouldn't make sense to own a ""business"" (I'm just going to keep using more and more quotes on this) in an obvious residential neighborhood in an obvious residential building, and live in a different building.

    In summation, I would agree with the poster - this one's gotta go.

  • Thanks for the input. The reason I started with portal location, even though it's close to POI, is because the portal itself is not on the residential property, but POI is.

    I also totally agree on use of quotes 😉

  • Appeal Denied - Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We took another look at the Portal in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

  • Can I know which criteria is not met?

  • @Itsutsume My guess is that it qualifies as it relates to the business operating there, as @xWhoabot pointed out.

    This was from the April 2018 AMA:

    W25Q1: John TheAussie - What's the stance on live in businesses. Ones that are registered and operating as a business but also have an attached residence, or a residential house on the land of operations?

    A1: I spoke to NIA OPS, they said, “Depends on the Portal candidate. If the candidate is associated with the business and meets our criteria (for example a hyper-local cafe), this would be ok.“

  • I kinda see the point, but in this case it's not a business with an attached residence or a residential house on the land of operations. The residential house IS the business. Also, "business" 😊

    But OK. I'll just submit an edit to move the portal to where the statue is so that people hang out on an old lady's lawn (pretty sure the psychic is an old lady 😊)

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