Option to remove missions from scanner?

After today’s issues with Ingress not working during various FS events I’ve been reading about a lot of people who travelled a long way to attend a FS and started a banner only to be left halfway through and unable to complete it due to issues logging in and playing the game. The only way I can think to resolve this would be to allow players the choice to remove missions from their scanner.

Please can this be looked at a possibility?


  • Totally agree.

    I travelled 3 hours from Kent to Cheltenham, and was only able to complete two missions from a 12 mission banner. I'm now going to have to run around trying to find 4 missions to do in a working week before flying out to Gothenburg to keep my banners in sync.

    Missions are now the main reason I play Ingress, already had plans for which missions to do in Gothenburg, but this is really putting me off even starting any. Which, added to the problems I already have in logging in, is really putting me off a game I loved.

  • Better screenshot

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just do four randoms from your hometown. Create some if you can't find any. They only take 24 hours to be approved.

  • I know that is an option, and luckily I haven't done all the missions in my home town...but would still be handy to at least be able to move missions around. Especially when it was due to Niantic, not me being lazy...

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