Is fan fiction allowed on this forum?

Hi all. I was wondering if ingress fan fiction is allowed on this forum. If it is then this could also be a place to post that as well



  • I'd love to read your work. Depending on the content, the Investigation category may be one home for it. But the General category is also a fine catch-all.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    Why not From The Investigation, has a subthread name "The Lore of Ingress Agents" or something.

    You guys do know that there are comics made by worldwide agent as well there are comics for it way before THE netflix animation?

    Hey, even XKCD featured Ingress one time

    Sources of fun cartoons and Ingress stories from agents that I have stumbled upon:

    @Hybridjunkie :

    Most of them were in G+. I hope the artists show themselves here and share their new updated link for Ingress comics!

    Just a suggestion, though

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