Particle effects drain battery

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I use a Samsung Galaxy S9+


Prime V2.32

Today we had First Saturday in the CBD.

And my battery in my mobile died after 1.5 hours

For comparison, I generally get around 4-5 hours of continuous heavy Ingress in Prime only.

This can therefore be targeted DIRECTLY to the particle effects of portals.

Not the links,

Not the fields

Not the portal flames

No! Only the portals themselves, of a CBD containing hundreds of portals within a short radius.

It is therefore my serious suggestion that, portals be changed to 3d meshes!

For a flagship of little under 2 years old, rendering of particle effects on this scale is unacceptable!

Such a high powered mobile can easily handle particle effects and rendering.

But obviously, no device can render 300+ portals with individual particle effects.

It is no wonder, that for the last several months players from iOS and Android have complained about the high battery drain.

To be clear! I normally get about 4 hours of continuous play in the suburbs, not a central business district.

The change to (relatively) low polygon meshes for portals, in my opinion will, SIGNIFICANTLY, improve battery life, as mobile processors will EASILY handle the rendering for them.

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