ops that is never was a.k.a 4PM CP secret ops

Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

put Smashing Pumpkin song here



tears shed





opening scanner [redacted] one last time when it should be two days away.


that person who made the group and his two comrades. his sitrep is somewhere in here.

  • @ResshaP for pulling out too fast. you saved your sanity. so yay!
  • @GSEmazbastarcom and @cheetahcute12 all the way from Port Dickson
  • @99b from Puchong thank you, sleeping agent. for waking up to make this extra awesome
  • yours truly and @nebuchadnezz4r from Putrajaya with less than 100xmp8 each. crazy mission much? heck yeah. but we had fun before all doo doo hits the fan.

i have no regrets working with you guys before and not that time, either. thank you for helping me out for the last ops I joined for 2019.

receipt: http://imgur.com/a/wlmq8vC


fine, @99b, i WILL find another community. but you know i won't step down from being an ENL agent.

Your ENL thoroughbred,

Qu4rd a.k.a evariel

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