Portal names truncated in detail screen

I'm in Brandi Fenton Memorial Park. There are many many portals named Brandi Fenton Memorial something or other.

Detail screen truncates all of them to a uniform "Brandi Fenton Memorial".



  • This is an issue I also don't like in prime.

    In our area we're used to have the villagename in front, it's just easier to know in which area the portal stands and arrange keys by name is more accurate like this then it is by distance.

    Smaler letters will help for sure and I personaly prefer it on top of the scannerview the same way redacted had it on the bottom. So you can take actions and have still the informations visible.

  • It is also an issue when linking. A truncated name means you have to triple check to make sure you have the correct key. Also the flash of the full name disappears to quick when the link distance is unknown message appears.

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